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    October 15, 2020 at 9:14 pm #2882

    Well I think young John Winchester did a fine job directing that one! I was surprised there was humor from Davy Perez because he’s usually their go-to horror writer (there were definitely traditional horror elements). I did not see the perpetrator coming, so they got me there. We usually don’t get so much Cas and I actually enjoyed Cas (boy do I ever miss when demons were scary though – was it insinuated that the demon made her do it?). So, will Cas give his life for Jack’s now? I’m guessing he will.

    Sam and Dean – Sam did not have much of a role in this one. Dean was perfect. Funny, angry, determined, just had to know WHY Amara brought Mary back and I enjoyed that explanation though I could have also kept believing that Amara just wanted to give him a gift with Mary. I liked this one. Dean’s very compelling, but I did not totally buy that that’s all it took to talk Amara into helping them take down Chuck. I love that Dean couldn’t leave it alone though without getting some answers and giving it one more try.