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    November 19, 2022 at 8:28 pm #28850

    Stedan, I really agree with all you said about this one.  I have tried to take a few days to think about it and find positive things to say because I REALLY want to love this show…and Jensen was live-tweeting (is that a first for him?) when it aired and was praising Meg up and down for the intense acting during the scenes where she was inside her own mind and…I just wasn’t feeling it.  At all.  It felt to me like she was presenting a stage play. The weird set design was part of that scene; I know it had to feel separate from reality, but it felt like a stage play. I just…didn’t feel this as her deep dark childhood trauma.  I am not feeling her acting and am starting to also worry about her ability. Drake, on the other hand, is still delighting me as John.  He had so many expressions that reminded me of Sam that I was loving watching him in this episode.

    But the story. Blah. Again, not feeling that dark trauma or hardship for Mary.  Not understanding John being all gung-ho killer when it came to Ada’s son.  Was he supposed to be acting like everything was black or white like early-season Dean?

    I cannot believe that I feel that something where Robbie Thompson is involved (though not the sole writer) is BORING. I am getting very frustrated with how easy it is to find all the answers through Lata (in an age where it should be HARDER to find information). I want a more involved role for Carlos.  I think Ada is a fine actor and interesting character but the “big reveal” of a half-monster son is far too soon. We don’t know her well.  We are not that invested in her yet so the big reveal was a bit of a yawn.

    Lata is so “one-note”. Always cheerful and always able to answer all questions.

    I do not like that Mary calls the Men of Letters outpost “the clubhouse”. Makes it WAY too juvenile and “Scooby-gang” for me!

    I hate the monsters.  And not in a good way. In a “they’re dumb and look like a video game” way. At least the “space crickets” (best description I heard from someone else on Twitter) are not THE monsters, but kind of like hellhounds for the DJ monster lady (also dumb) where they are apparently trying to inject humans to do their bidding or die fighting it internally?  Something like that?  It’s just TOO WEIRD.  Somehow, all SPN monsters were much more of a scary threat. It feels WRONG for SPN because they never or rarely (it was stupid when SPN ventured that way near the end with prehistoric jurassic land AU) use other-dimension or alien monsters. It feels so wrong here.

    I like Millie.  I like John.  I liked John working on the motorcycle but PigNaPoke is 100% right that it made NO SENSE to offer to give it to Mary so she can take off on her own!  NO SENSE.

    I am not sure what this show IS at this point.  Dean’s narration at the start is also weird to me. It’s like he’s reading a child a story.  It sounds like he’s a bit patronizing to the audience and I don’t see Dean that way at all!

    I’m not giving up. Not at all.  But I really did not find much good in this one.