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    November 19, 2022 at 8:58 pm #28857

    This is one of those episodes that feels 90 minutes long.  Lots of “going out” and “coming back in” to the group of folks holed up in the basement. Over and over.  I thought it was clever though; for War to make people think (hallucinate) that they were each other’s enemies and that’s all it took for people to start killing each other.

    Loved it when Dean forcefully told Cas “NO!” when Cas wanted to borrow his amulet. Sam gave it to him. He’s not giving it up!

    Yes, Sam telling Dean he thought they should split up was for sure a “Do I look fat?” question – he really wanted Dean to tell him he had it all wrong and they should stay together and he did a good job of looking surprised and a bit crushed when Dean agreed with him.  But Dean IS tired and worried about Sam and it’s making it dangerous for Dean to be so distracted.  That whole scene was tough. A bit TOO convenient for the guy in the camper to happen to be there to take in hitchhiker Sam though!

    The blood thing IS confusing. Sam was supposedly cured of it by God (or he was totally lying to Dean about it), but here he’s wanting it from the dead “demons” in the store who weren’t demons; he was just hallucinating they were.  And before Ruby died she told Sam it wasn’t the blood at all; that he always had it in him and it wasn’t the blood that made him strong…yet we know that as this season goes on, as he has to become strong enough to hold Lucifer, he has to drink a ton of demon blood so I too find the whole demon blood thing confusing.

    A decent episode (loved the red “horse” as a car), but also not one of my favorites, as much as I love Ellen, Rufus, etc.