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    October 22, 2020 at 10:24 pm #2968

    I was happily surprised by this one. I liked that we got a scary monster! I felt this young Dean may have watched Supernatural Christmas Dean because there were a few similarities in mannerisms. I DO think Dean at that age could have lashed out at Sam’s wish to go to college one day because HE didn’t want to lose Sam – likes seeing them as a team – the only one who truly understood their lives. I think he was mean to Sam out of fear of losing him (calling him dumb).

    I was glad at the end that Sam finally just got completely fed-up-mad about Dean keeping secrets. That was the appropriate response. I do not like that tired old theme (brothers at odds) somehow being thought of as necessary AGAIN by the writers – really? Do they have to go into the final battle at odds?

    Will Dean TRUST SAM as a result of this? Will he go with whatever idea Sam will come up with (I believe) to attempt to save Jack?

    I agree, Kate, the idea that Jack is sacrificing himself to try to get Dean to forgive him for Mary does not make sense with the timeline.

    Anyone else wonder why the bong-smoking desk clerk was added? I guess it was supposed to be funny?

    Overall, I really liked this one. Only 4 left now. I think it’s all in to the final showdown now. And we get what looks like a humorous (?) Adam (Adam and Eve Adam) next week.