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    December 27, 2022 at 9:18 pm #35224

    Yeah; not my favorite. I know it was because of Jared doing House of Wax; the reason they got Paris Hilton…and there were so many nods to that movie in this episode including the wax museum.  I just saw House of Wax for the first time this year. I felt very bad for Jared’s character! He had to endure the worst of it in that movie! In that movie, it was satisfying to see Paris’ character get killed.

    I also didn’t get the problem with worshipping idols. I mean, okay, is someone upset that Gods used to be “famous” and now it’s actors?  In my opinion, all of the importance of both is bestowed upon them by humans and therefore why is one wrong? It seems human nature to want to put idea or people on a pedestal. Both will disappoint many times. But to make the statement that “modern life” fandom is misguided…I disagree.

    And yes, PigNaPoke, true that the “scorned ancient God” was already done in Supernatural Christmas.

    Also a bit too much of Dean making fun of Sam for admiring someone who wanted peace!

    Paris Hilton was a very “of the moment” casting choice that future generations will scratch their head over. She’s already nowhere near as “celebrity” as she was. Another person like Kim Kardashian who is famous for no reason.

    I did wonder how Sam knew to look for seeds (??) in the corpse! A bit too easy of a solve on a very obscure deity.

    The Sam and Dean conversations WERE very good. But not a great episode overall.