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I loved this again on rewatch. Jesse is perfect casting. His haunting eyes. He looked so innocent. You just felt for him. The casting of his mom was great too. She was sympathetic as an immaculate demon birth!

Sam and Dean wanting to save Jesse – Sam wanting Jesse to make his own choice and choose the right path – wanting someone else to make the right choice he couldn’t do believe it was possible – that was very sweet.

I still loved that “oh shit” moment when Jesse turned Cas into an action figure. It was cool how Jesse’s power was so effortless. And I have to give him credit for listening to Sam and Dean and wanting to protect his parents, but he didn’t want to be used by one side or the other so he just took himself off to Australia.

I also forgot about the whole itching powder and hand buzzer thing…how Jesse’s belief that they were deadly made them deadly, and as soon as he didn’t believe it anymore, they were harmless. Dean had a lot of trust in that theory to “buzz” Sam in the chest when the buzzer was previously deadly!

Jesse should have shown up in the final season if the final season had been written well. I always thought that character should have reappeared and it’s a crime that this was a one and done.

I loved watching Dean and Sam dealing with Jesse. They were trying to influence him…and were getting somewhere with the the “you’re a superhero” speech until the demon showed up and wrecked it. Bobby would have gotten a surprise to have that kid brought to his house! But I did like that they were unwilling to kill him even though Cas said they should.