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    January 20, 2023 at 8:29 pm #38925

    I really enjoyed this one. It had the perfect SPN mix…funny, a bit creepy, and unexpectedly revealing in what they say when they start to go insane and when Sam is shot up with drugs. Sooo many good scenes and I remember it was fun the first time trying to figure out who the wraith was. Great creepy wraith makeup. So many misdirects…when Dean started seeing wraiths everywhere and we find out his therapist is not real; it made me wonder what was going on. So it was fun to unravel. Great guest casting in the wraith and the doctor and the crazy make out with everyone lady and the retired hunter. Martin was GREAT. He really made me feel for him as someone who was just incapable of doing what he used to do because he’s just not well enough.

    It was fascinating to see inside of Dean’s head…to hear about how he’s not dealing with all the pressure. To hear he only sleeps a few hours every few days and drinks 50 drinks a week.

    It was so much fun for them to get to TELL THE TRUTH about what they do because no one would believe them!

    I loved so many parts of this one and the monster was really great.

    I had a bit of a hard time believing that Sam, with no medical training, could remove a cranium like that (but he didn’t notch it to get it back in the right alignment).

    I loved the scene with drugged-up Sam and Dean tolerating him. So good.

    A good classic Supernatural episode.