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    January 4, 2021 at 11:06 am #4278

    Perhaps the first big inkling about how incredible an actor Jensen is. Wow. Totally believable as both Dean and some creature (what a pitiful creature!) pretending to be Dean. Just – amazed me to see it again. He’s so incredible. Always. I loved how Sam knew immediately that Dean wasn’t Dean (but played along with the shifter until he could get a weapon on him). Sam’s so smart!!! Though did get tied up in this one – I too thought it was the first “Sam gets tied up” but it was very far from the last!

    I had no problem with all the lying. 🙂 It’s the job. Good point Kate that it seems Becky would have trusted Sam already.

    I also agree with you, Kate, on the details – the dog was interesting and all those little bits of lore just got ignored later; if only they had stuck with it and built on it more than they did!

    The monster was so sad! Crazy, yes, but it was interesting here to see a monster that wanted to “talk it out” with a human a bit (when he was trying to get sympathy from Becky) – only going off the rails when she rejected him (sadly, all too often a real-life problem when an unstable person is rejected). It made the monster more interesting than “just” a vengeful spirit, etc. I loved the hint at monster complexity here.

    And Jensen was just SO DAMN GOOD. I missed the “ick” factor of Supernatural in the later, more glossy years. Loved the piles of skin and all the gross stuff in this one (it really was gross). The super close-ups of the shifter changing were great and disgusting. BTW, it seemed like the shifter shed its skin between being Dean and…being Dean – did I miss something? I wanted the pile of skin with every shift and something didn’t add up for me with that in-depth shifting scene. It was Dean…then it was still Dean?

    Anyway, a good one.