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    March 7, 2023 at 5:23 pm #44125

    This was kind of a non episode for me. I mean, it wasn’t the worst episode. They did a great job on the visuals; the circus at night, the tent, the glowing light, the clown makeup…I thought it must be hard to shoot in a hall of mirrors and not get the camera in photo if that was a real illusion and not CGI hall of mirrors.

    But…I have problems.

    First of all, John and Mary are on the run from this murder charge and I couldn’t believe it when Lata and Carlos walked into their motel room in the middle of their fight over John’s anger issues! So Carlos and Lata went on the run WITH THEM?! I didn’t get that and thought it was a huge wasted opportunity for them to be ALONE and have romantic moments or fight moments or something where there was some chemistry and there still is none for me! One episode with them solo would have been interesting and could have dived deeper into their relationship, but here come Carlos and Lata and a case!

    This one of course got me thinking about the clown SPN episode. I realized that one was so good because the monster in that one was kind of disguised as a clown; he was an actual monster from lore. The clown was a way he could get an “in” with kids and that’s creepy! Also, we got to learn about the carnival folks from Sam and Dean then.

    Here, it was a real clown who made a deal with an “occultist” (????) to be able to steal people and keep them in kind of a happy suspended animation. No one was getting killed. Sure, people disappeared and didn’t age, but it seemed they were kind of unaware of it; kind of like being under the influence.

    One thing I wanted to know more about were John’s tears when he saw the clown makeup on his face. What was that about? Was he relieved he could let go of anger? Was he happy to join Mary in being eternally happy? Or was he sad that this was happening against his will? What was up with the tear? The only other tear we saw was when Carlos got through to the kidnapped child when he was talking to him about his brother; so it was kind of like reality was breaking through. With John it was at the moment that reality was slipping away and I didn’t get it.

    Of course all the clowns were creepy, but not scary to me.

    Millie barging in at the end with the DUMBEST reasoning didn’t help my attitude about this one. They found a witness that saw the dead guy from the garage enter after making the 911 call or something like that? I don’t even remember but at the time I thought that was ridiculous and not enough to clear John. AND it would have been much more suspenseful to have him be on the run for awhile! But they have run out of episodes for that.

    I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it as much as some. It was middle of the road for me.