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    March 16, 2021 at 11:22 am #6239

    So much mud!!!!

    Kathleen was a great guest actor. I loved that she had such a major role and compelling story. It’s one of those cases where I end up feeling like she MUST have been in more than one episode as that character because we learned so much about her in only one hour!

    I did like that Dean really swayed Kathleen on emotions here; not so much by playing up his sex appeal…he got her with the family connection and Dean is super-smart that way.

    The creepy kid was Dean’s daughter Emma????? Or was it someone else.

    The house was super-creepy and gross. Couldn’t rehab that one! The kid was slightly OVERLY-creepy to be believed, but she did well.

    The father was probably the best of the hillbilly bunch. He was just twisted and cruel. Love that Kathleen just went ahead and shot him.

    Sam was so smart in this one. Figuring out that freeing the first prisoner was a trap for him…and what did he end up doing with the bracket? Did he use it as a weapon? I missed that.

    Funny that Dean took the time to check out the jar full of teeth while he was looking for the key to let Sam out.

    Yes, I felt as indignant as Dean when the father changed the rules of the hunt on him and told the sons to shoot Sam in the cage! Dean’s panic at having just chosen Sam’s death was really palpable. Jensen was so incredibly good right from the start.