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    May 7, 2021 at 10:35 am #7798

    I love this one for how action-filled it is. It’s great that we start to see monsters as something other than “just” monsters. They have a story – how old they are, how they have partners and a “clan”.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how smart all the Winchesters are here. This episode did such a good job of showing how truly better and smarter they are with the three of them together. Dean’s right to side with Sam (LOVE THAT MOMENT when he defies John!) and point that out. It’s true. They don’t stick to the script (John’s plan) and it saves his life.

    The scene with John and Sam discussing the college fund is SO SO SO SO SO good! Made John so much more caring and human, though he blew the money on ammo which somehow DOES manage to be funny after that whole speech. Jared there…God, tears in his eyes as he sees his dad in a different light; tears my heart out. Jensen’s such a perfect actor that I don’t give Jared enough credit sometimes. He was perfect here.

    Kate; they sure did do a lot of sneaking around the nest undetected! Dean even slammed open that lock on the victim’s cage with the crowbar (looking gorgeous while he did it!) and they didn’t wake up which I found very unlikely!!!!

    It DOES seem like there is not much time between this one and the one where John dies…and he tells Dean then that something is up with Sam. I highly doubt he figured all that out when he learned that Sam was having visions, but I never thought about how or what he might know about Sam…and if he WAS worried about what Sam could become…how was he okay having Dean out there hunting with him alone all that time post-Stanford? Unless it was John’s plan all along for Dean not to have Sam to help him, but to be there to “watch” Sam and make sure he didn’t go off the rails.

    UGH; my heart breaks for Dean. The one person he loves most in the world and he’s instructed that he might have to kill him at the start of S2! Worse yet, HE’LL have to determine when/if he kills his own brother!

    Oh yes, PNP; LOVED Sam cutting off John and getting in his face and Dean just sort of standing there and you could SEE him HATING it. Hating the arguing.

    The double-take that Sam does when Dean first says “Sam’s right” in defiance of John is GLORIOUS – like it just renewed his faith in himself to have “good soldier son Dean” take his side. I loved that so much!

    I thought John’s first firing of the Colt was PERFECT too. The ACTING! I mean, you can see how he can’t wait to try it out; to see if it works; to give him hope that maybe it can, in fact, have the power to kill the demon he’s been hunting for years. Then the smug satisfaction on his face when it WORKS. SUCH a great JDM scene!

    I have still, never in all these years watched any of the BTS or the commentary aside from catching the gag reels on YouTube. I REALLY REALLY have to do that. I’d love it.