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    June 11, 2021 at 10:45 am #8281

    Sorry so late to comment here! I loved re-watching this one. So emotional. Acted so WELL as coma-Dean tries to figure out what it going on with him.

    I’m mostly going to respond to PigNaPoke.

    Good question about pathology/obstetrics, PigNaPoke!!!! That IS weird! Usually pathology is off in some dark corner somewhere.

    As far as Sam hearing Dean, I think it was just that they were that in tune. I think the thoughts came into Sam’s head, PUT THERE by Dean, but Sam didn’t know that; didn’t literally “hear” his voice in my opinion.

    Yes! That scene with the breaking glass does not seem like acting at all. So so good.

    That Jensen scene with Tessa is totally phenomenal. He is the master at conveying so much with his expressions.

    Maybe John was hoping for the best; that Sam would NOT go too far off the deep end, but he obviously feared it was a possibility and I hate that he laid that on Dean!

    Not sure if it’s the first time we hear that music.

    The coffee cup shot is one of the best in the 15 years. PERFECT.

    I love how Sam would never give up in this one. Even if one of them is ready to give up on THEMSELVES (IF Dean was about to go with Tessa), the other one never gives up on them.

    I can’t believe that John was in so few episodes. He’s such a strong presence in the show and GREAT actor. He does play this one really well as a man willing to sacrifice it all for his sons and really not feeling very sorry for himself while he does it. He really wanted to kill the YED, but he kinda used him to get what he wanted in the end; life for Dean. In a way, John “won” that one.

    I love it anytime the three of them were onscreen. I wish we had had more.