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    • journalbookbinder
        June 4, 2021 at 11:31 am #8258

        Back to the re-watch with this incredible episode. Let’s talk!

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      • PigNaPoke
          June 4, 2021 at 11:31 am #8262

          Incredible Episode is right!

          First off….Dean in hospital PJs….YUMMMM!

          When Dean wakes and starts wondering around the department overhead says PATHOLOGY and right next to it OBSTETRICS….hehe, what kind of hospital is that?

          All that injury make up had to suck, but it looks great.

          I always wondered if Sam actually “heard” Dean saying the “find some hoodoo priest and lay some mojo on it” because he repeats it word for word to John. Or are we supposed to think they are just THAT in tune. I think the first option because Sam later hears Dean when he yells at the Reaper over his bed. Makes me wonder if that was another possibly sign of Sam’s special powers that were later abandoned?

          SIGH – couldn’t John AT LEAST say “thanks” or “good thinking” to Sam when he’s ordering him around and Sam has it already covered??

          I love the parallel with Sam not giving up on Dean AND the Impala. Sam not able to give up on Dean just as Dean wouldn’t give up on the Impala.

          ALL the scenes between Sam and John and Dean and John are fantastic in this episode!! The one where Ghost-Dean is talking to John and John just sitting there is heartbreaking. But my favorite is the “Swayze” one with Sam and John at each other’s throat and Dean STILL trying to mediate until he finally snaps. It’s so so good and doesn’t seem “acted” at all.

          I LOVE that Sam brings the Ouija Board into play. It’s so old school and kinda shows the novice level “magic” knowledge they had in the beginning. I also really love the way that scene is filmed, the camera movements and overhead shots making Dean appear and disappear. It’s really cool.

          Touching to see that even as pissed as Sam is with John for seemingly not caring and accusing him of summoning the demon etc. he also immediately defaults to “dad’ll know what to do” when things get tough and he doesn’t know what to do next.

          It always broke my heart a little that Dean was SO tired of living and his heavy burden that is ALMOST let Tessa take him. At least I think he would have gone with her. Jensen is amazing in this scene, too. The range of emotion from defiance, petulance, fear, insecurity, resignation he goes through is all plain visible in his face.

          I am glad that they kept the same actress playing Tessa over the years. She does a really fine job between the freaked out girl, the cooly caring Reaper and the few seconds as a demon!

          OK, if John summoned YED, wouldn’t he had to know WHO or WHAT he was? I’m sure a normal demon summoning wouldn’t have done the trick on a Prince of Hell? He says that he’s known for a while about Sam and the other children! So he must have also known more about YED. Still boggles my mind that he didn’t say MORE to Dean in his last moments with him. Really, John, all you gonna reveal is that Dean might have to kill his brother if he can’t save him…NOTHING else? GRRR. (or should I be pissed with CHUCK for this one?)

          It took me a few watchings of the final scene between John and Dean before I truly felt sad and sympathetic for John here, but nowadays I DO! Of course he apology to Sam is a little more convoluted than the one to Dean, but at least he attempts it. And JDM is GREAT in those scenes!

          Still in AWE of the sheer luck of how the coffee cup landed when Sam drops it. Those shots are just stunning!

          FANTASTIC episode and a HELL of a season opener for the second season. WOW.

          Is that also the first time we hear the “family theme” score music??

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        • journalbookbinder
            June 4, 2021 at 11:31 am #8281

            Sorry so late to comment here! I loved re-watching this one. So emotional. Acted so WELL as coma-Dean tries to figure out what it going on with him.

            I’m mostly going to respond to PigNaPoke.

            Good question about pathology/obstetrics, PigNaPoke!!!! That IS weird! Usually pathology is off in some dark corner somewhere.

            As far as Sam hearing Dean, I think it was just that they were that in tune. I think the thoughts came into Sam’s head, PUT THERE by Dean, but Sam didn’t know that; didn’t literally “hear” his voice in my opinion.

            Yes! That scene with the breaking glass does not seem like acting at all. So so good.

            That Jensen scene with Tessa is totally phenomenal. He is the master at conveying so much with his expressions.

            Maybe John was hoping for the best; that Sam would NOT go too far off the deep end, but he obviously feared it was a possibility and I hate that he laid that on Dean!

            Not sure if it’s the first time we hear that music.

            The coffee cup shot is one of the best in the 15 years. PERFECT.

            I love how Sam would never give up in this one. Even if one of them is ready to give up on THEMSELVES (IF Dean was about to go with Tessa), the other one never gives up on them.

            I can’t believe that John was in so few episodes. He’s such a strong presence in the show and GREAT actor. He does play this one really well as a man willing to sacrifice it all for his sons and really not feeling very sorry for himself while he does it. He really wanted to kill the YED, but he kinda used him to get what he wanted in the end; life for Dean. In a way, John “won” that one.

            I love it anytime the three of them were onscreen. I wish we had had more.

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          • kate38
              June 4, 2021 at 11:31 am #8447

              This is one of my favorite episodes from the whole series! There’s so much to love about it 🙂

              I love the clever and creative camera work in this one! I especially respect the hallway scene and the talking board scene. I also love the DVD commentary. It’s so insightful and makes me appreciate this episode even more!

              Dean is so smart! It took him all of five seconds to realize that he’s a ghost and start trying to figure out a plan. It’s pretty ballsy for a ghost to think he can hunt a reaper, but “ballsy” must be Dean’s middle name. And I love how Sam refuses to give up.

              Speaking of Sam, John gets a lot of heat for the rocky relationship between himself and Sam, but it seems to me that Sam started many of the fights between them. We only had a few episodes to witness the family dynamic. We saw three big fights between John and Sam, and a few smaller dust-ups, and Sam started all of them. The only reason there wasn’t another big fight right before John died is that John wouldn’t take the bait. He even said that most of the time, he didn’t even understand why he and Sam were “butting heads”. I know communication is a two-way street, but it always makes me wonder.

              Speaking of communication, Dean’s scenes with John are heartbreaking and SO well done. The scene when Dean confesses that he’d given up everything he’s ever had for his family…I’m pretty sure I cried the first time I saw that. And I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye on set when John and Dean spoke right before John died. Jensen and Jeffrey-Dean are magical together.

              Hey, did you guys recognize the roommate from “Unforgiven”, and Bobby’s dead wife?

              I LOVE everything about Jim Beaver! I can’t say it enough. Loved officially meeting Tessa and “Yellow Eyes” in this one, too 🙂 Fred Lane is totally entertaining. Speaking of Yellow Eyes, we learn later that Crowley ended up with the Colt. Does anybody have any theories about why Azazel didn’t just destroy the gun immediately?

              It’s very cool how they tell us why vengeful spirits are born. I think Dean was going to refuse to go with Tessa, because he’s just that defiant. It’s an ongoing debate among the fandom, though. What do you guys think?


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