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    August 11, 2021 at 3:36 pm #9126

    PNP (I am just going to reply to you here) – totally agree that that first flash with Dean shooting someone in cold blood did also make me think he was possessed somehow. Sam’s right that it’s not like him to kill a person, but it seems that the whole burden John laid on him of having to kill Sam if he can’t “save” him kind of made Dean give up a bit; or want to.

    I had actually forgotten that Sam was immune!!! That WAS creepy in a way. Made Dean wonder what the hell was going on with him even more with the visions and everything.

    Oh, I think the no cell signal and no pay phone was all done by demons to trap people for the demonic virus test run!

    I had to laugh at how the small-town doctor had only JUST started to figure out what it was through the microscope and Sam asks, “Can you cure it?” Um…sure…give me five more minutes and I’ll have a cure. WTF?!

    I too like it when Sam and Dean are starting to get nervous about a situation. It makes ME nervous and I can totally feel for them and makes ME watch everything more carefully; trying to figure it out (at least the first time) right alone with them.

    I wondered how, when a bunch of people opened fire on the Impala, there was not one bullet hole.

    Yes! The standoff in the car with Sarge was HILARIOUS! I loved it! Driving with guns trained on each other. “This’ll be a relaxing drive.”

    Yes! I loved the fact that vision had a different outcome! Often they get there too late to stop a vision or change it but this showed it CAN be changed.

    Hee hee; Sarge as “change” for the phone booth. Yes. That was a bummer. I wonder how long the demon was in Dwayne? The whole time, I guess, because he never got infected.

    I love that Dean just wants to escape. To NOT deal with everything and just go enjoy it while things are good IF something is going to happen to Sam.

    Back to the scene where Dean refuses to leave Sam when he thinks he’s infected; one of my favorite ever. I know he was tired of the burden he was carrying; about Sam and how something might be wrong with him (thanks a lot, John!). But it was one of the first times he’s really doesn’t want to live without Sam or shows that. It’s repeated many times over the next seasons (I will never forget that much later one when he inhales deeply to try to make himself sick like Sam so he can go too). This first one really got me. Sam begging him to go and Dean refusing. Then Dean can’t even really be that glad that Sam didn’t get sick because THAT means something is weird with Sam too!

    The confession scene along the river was very good. Dean didn’t want to tell him. Sam’s mad, but what was Dean supposed to do? Very good.

    I wonder where everyone vanished to?

    The entire cast was great in this one. Even the mom at the start whose family turned on her. Great casting.