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    August 11, 2021 at 3:45 pm #9127

    Oh man, SO MUCH happened in this one! Ava and her vision (LOVE the misdirect at the start where we see Sam die but then it’s some stranger we don’t know waking up from the vision/dream!), Gordon, more unease at the Roadhouse over Sam and who knew what about him and who told or researched what was going on with him…the second half of the confession along the river from Dean about John’s dying declaration…and then the cliffhanger with Ava at the end. This episode felt like it was an hour and a half long; in a good way; there was so much packed in!

    PNP: I agree that Sam should never have run off! Geez! Dean was going nuts with everything going on and Sam just bails? Yay for Ellen for telling Dean where Sam was.

    Love that Dean discovers Gordon and his sniper rifle to save Sam and Ava.

    The whole part where Dean was tied to a chair…it’s like, wow, how many avenues for expression can they take away from Jensen and he STILL nails it!!! Can’t talk. Can’t move. Can’t even see anything but the upper half of his face really with the gag and you can STILL completely see and feel the desperation when he hears the trip wire blow; and then the second one. Incredible. Jensen is incredible.

    I also loved the way he completely conveyed the fear when Gordon was telling him about the trip wire trap. Dean suddenly gets how good a hunter Gordon is; how he TOTALLY knew what Sam would do and planned for it. When Gordon turns away, you can see the desperation and the grief when Dean fears that Sam was, in fact, killed by wire #2. SO GOOD!

    Sam’s so smart.

    The Roadhouse scene was great too. Sarcastic Ash. Sam very “aw shucks, I’m probably the last guy you want to see” and Ellen consistent as always. LOVE ELLEN!

    That motel room was hideous.

    I agree with everything else PNP said. I just thought this one was incredibly good and riveting!