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    August 12, 2021 at 10:01 am #9131

    I have to add that it DID feel interesting to watch this WHILE we are going through a pandemic unlike any I’ve ever dealt with. I thought to myself, “Well, at least with covid it doesn’t make us turn on each other like this demon virus.” Then I realized how not-true that statement was. During this pandemic (especially now as it seemed like we were more on the same page at the start when so much was unknown) it seems like Americans have done nothing BUT turn on each other! I am embarrassed that my fellow Americans can be so selfish with clinging to ridiculous vaccine hesitancy. We’ll be stuck in this forever if we don’t all get vaccinated; everyone who, medically, possibly can. We ARE killing each other when people choose to be unvaccinated. Maybe not by turning someone else into a visible killer, but they ARE an invisible killer if they spread the vaccine or give it a place to mutate into something new that we cannot vaccinate against.

    Suddenly, the idea of life changing in a day like it did in this episode does not seem so far-fetched. Everything changed with daily life with covid. We lost over half a million Americans and it is still developing (some compromised children have been getting very ill now; not relegated to the elderly). It is not over. Sadly, none of us have Sam’s immunity.