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    • journalbookbinder
        August 21, 2023 at 2:11 pm #72828

        Oh yeah; Dean gets to “be” Death for 3 hours in an effort to save Sam’s soul. I also remember very little about this one.

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      • PigNaPoke
          August 21, 2023 at 2:11 pm #78279

          OOOF this episode is DARK, but really good.


          The parallel of both brothers going to EXTREME and desperate measures to do what they think is right is clear but not in a belligerent way.

          Of course, BOTH are misguided ways to deal with the situation. It’s very disquieting that Sam would even consider the spell he needs to kill Boibby for! UGH. Making it absolutely clear that he cannot go on without his sould, tattered as it may be.

          At the end of the last episode I was left with a little annoyance at Dean’s pig headed focus on shoving Sam’s soul back in his body, no matter the cost, BUT in this episode Sam’s cold hearted approach of how to keep his sould OUT of himself is DEFINITELY not the right way about it either. And I am a bit surprised that the writers went THAT far into the dark side for Sam.

          I would hope that there is even a shred of feeling left for the fact that Bobby IS like a second father to him. And if not from a emotional angle….wouldn’t soulless Sam at least consider the wealth of information and support he needs Bobby for?

          But in any case it makes for a great, chilling, story line in this episode. And also shows again how Bobby still has the upper hand in many situations, outsmarting even Sam, if not in the physical strength department.

          For the Dean side of the story: LOVED having Death and Tessa back. Both are portrayed so excellently and always a joy to watch.

          I absolutely delight is every interaction between Death and Dean!!! They have found a unique chemistry in these scenes that just keep me on the edge of my seat. Death seems to find Dean mildly interesting and maybe even amusing in his “snarky bacterium” way. And Dean can’t help STILL being defiant and demanding no matter the power Death holds, BUT it is definitely tinged with a healthy dose of respect and hidden doubt. The way Jensen plays that is just incredible! Tight, slightly turned away, body language as if Dean is on the edge of running, just as he makes a crass comment or demand. Surprise instead of relief in his eyes when Death doesn’t kill him for his defiance, like Dean fully expected not to make it out of this. It is ALL so very good.

          I also love how the entire “Day as Death” turns out for Dean. OF COURSE, no one counted on Dean to be able to kill people indiscriminately, like the little girl. His whole life’s work is about protecting people from too early death and cruelty of the supernatural world. Dean goes in blind and goes by his gut instinct that has mostly worked for him in hunting and dealing with the world.

          To find out at the end that the whole experiment was pretty much a lesson from Death so Dean could  get a glimpse behind the curtain and see the bigger picture how things are connected was brilliant! To see that even the biggest powers in this universe cannot just wield that power however they see fit, but that there are rules and boundaries on how one effect the other. And that Death actually wants Dean and Sam to keep digging at the mystery at hand regarding souls was a real surprise. And also shows that as annoying as the Winchester’s meddling of the natural order of things is to the PTBs….it is sometimes necessary to shake things up, I guess, to rearrange some of the big players….as we find out soon.

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