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    • journalbookbinder
        May 11, 2022 at 2:32 pm #13507

        I had forgotten how sad this one was with the spirits of “wronged” people who had died at the hands of Sam and Dean or Bobby. It was very “talky”, and it had been a LONG time since I’d seen it.

        What I liked most about this episode was Dean’s disbelief and his anger at God for having such a hands-off approach. It’s frustrating that he is tasked with figuring out and stopping the “rising of the witnesses” before Cas tells him what’s going on! And then Cas tells him he can’t stop it anyway!

        The ghosts sure talk a lot! And it’s sad. We hear how slow and painful Hendrickson’s death was. Something Dean does not want to hear. It IS nice to see that all of these accidentally deaths seriously weigh on and take a toll on the hunters. The climactic scene with them trying to get the spell out is very exciting and edge-of-your seat.

        But my favorite parts of this one are Dean arguing with Cas about God. Also (I think it’s this one? I watched two in a row.) where Cas tells Dean that he (Dean) should show him (Cas) some respect. That always gives me chills and I WISH Cas had stayed slightly intimidating throughout the run of the series. There’s a great moment where Dean unloads on Cas and then has a very “oh shit” look on his face; a little afraid of how Cas might react.

        Dean and Cas were GOLD together early on.

        Was Sam in this one? I don’t remember too much about Sam here!

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      • PigNaPoke
          May 11, 2022 at 2:32 pm #13526

          SUCH long intro! Almost like the season premier.

          One thing I really enjoyed in this episode was that it played mostly in Bobby’s house and we get a better look at the layout and details – including the PANIC ROOM! LOVE that!!

          I appreciate the opener showing us another kickass female hunter even if she dies immediately. It left me with a real feeling of dread because she was obviously prepared and no push over but still it was not enough against whatever this new threat is. Job well done.

          I always loved this episode because ALL of Dean’s arguments are super relatable to me. His vehement refusal to believe at first that Cas really IS an angel and the mostlike consequence that if THAT is real there might also be a God and if THAT is correct then WHY is there so much crap in the world…..yup, same thoughts here.
          Also totally understandable how scary it would be to think that you are on the radar of that many powerful beings and then later to find out that you are only worth noticing because they want to USE you is just putting the rotten cherry on the pile of shit that is Dean’s life – in his view.

          I love that Sam in contrast is seemingly excited here at the start. That he thinks this is a good thing and they are finally being helped by something he always believed in/prayed to. Jared plays that well here, almost boyish awe about the possibility that his faith is actually based on something tangible. Even Ruby’s worry and fear about the angels isn’t deterring Sam from believing this is a positive development. Sweet boy…..soon to find out angels ARE DICKS!

          Having the newly discovered knowledge that angels and possibly God are real immediately thrown up against the fact that they are now dealing with signs of the Apocalypse is another great story point.
          (And YES, Dean….the $5-a-gallon-gas Apocalypse HAS arrived!!)
          The characters are confronted with being ripped out of obscurity and their familiar routine of MOW hunting to deal with the fate of the entire world. It raises the stakes of the entire show by an enormous degree and made me super excited of what was to come when I first watched it. And it still intrigues me how that shift in their and our understanding of their universe brought on character development and growth.

          Dean’s growing rebellious behavior and resentment of angels and Sam’s inner battle between faith in a bigger good and his growing desperation to do whatever it takes to deal with the rising threat are all interesting to watch and often heartbreaking.

          When they find Olivia it’s really well done how we only get slightly blurry views of her mutilated corpse! No straight on gory look….still plenty effective and gruesome.

          Playing on the hunter’s guilt over the loss of innocent lives was an interesting angle for a story. Sad to think how many in the hunter community have to live with this day in and out, trying to constantly convince yourself that in the BIG picture you are doing me good than bad in the world. However, I thought even on first watch that there had to be more to it because what the ghosts blamed each of the hunters for wasn’t really true. It WASN’T their fault that Hendricksen, Meg or Ron etc died. At the time of each of their deaths the hunters did the best they were able with the knowledge they had at that moment. Meg was already lost at the time the Winchesters encountered her AND they didn’t know yet that the possessed person COULD be saved. Ron walked into his own doom when taking the bank hostage….he was sweet and tried to do the right thing but he also behaved hugely dumb and you can’t blame that on the Winchesters. There was also no way the brothers could have known Lilith was on the way to the police station. They only left Hendricksen and the others behind when they threat of the demon horde was averted. Still, one can imagine well that to the hunters it’s a ton of weight on their conscious to lose any civilians because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and in the cross fire of supernatural events.

          Was it ever explained how Meg knew about what Sam was doing with Ruby?? Did I miss that?

          GREAT scenes when Bobby starts the spell and Sam and Dean have their hands full trying to keep ahead of the witnesses! Very suspenseful and beathless fast action.

          Side note: with as many times as the guys had salt lines blown away by wind or ghostly energy you would think they’d come up with a different solution like a salt filled hula hoop or something to protect people or themselves in a circle. LOL. But maybe the salt has to touch the ground around you directly and it wouldn’t have worked any other way? Well, it ain’t working this way really well either.

          Agree with JBB, I LOVE the dangerous and ominous edge early Castiel had! That last scene is SOOOO GOOD!! Lots of exposition BUT it keeps you GLUED to the dialogue. Dean’s anger is riveting. You can feel how pissed he is and at the same time understand that it’s caused by fear of having his accusations confirmed. Cas’ condescending tone at times is infuriating. He seems mildly amused by Dean’s barking at him, but when he has enough he’s immediately intimidating again. And of course the info given sets the story arc for the entire season AND means a seismic shift in the character’s importance to the world. So well done and well written.

          GREAT episode!

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