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    • journalbookbinder
        August 21, 2023 at 2:09 pm #72826

        I had to read the synopsis on this one. Crowley, Meg, and a betrayal by Samuel. Hmmm….I have zero recollection of this one. Opinions to follow!

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      • PigNaPoke
          August 21, 2023 at 2:09 pm #78262

          GREAT episode! SO much happening. It gives you whiplash the best way.

          You can really feel the tension building. Between Sam and Dean over Sam’s missing soul, the predicament about working for demons, Dean’s panic of being stuck with Sam in this state forever despite all the warnings, Sam’s growing apprehensive about if he even WANTS his soul back.

          Love the misleading start where you really don’t know immediately who’s who and what’s happening. Double Crowley is fun to watch.

          Suddenly we have Meg back involved. Sam is both scary and impressive here, so calculating and cut-throat smart figuring her out, getting her help and getting the knife back. But I wondered the whole time if Meg will stab them in the back in the end or not.

          More tension building between the guys and Samuel over his argument why they are worth less to him than Mary. WTF? Dean is right telling him that he’s a hypocrite talking about “family comes first”. Then Samuel comes through with useful info….just to fuck them over later again….what an a-hole.

          The conversation between Cas and Sam is intense, too.

          Then you have the entire hilarity with Cas and “The Pizza Man”. HA! “You don’t watch porn in a room full of dudes and you don’t talk about it!” LOL

          The scene with Cas telling Dean about what state Sam’s soul might be in and Sam overhearing it is heart-breaking. Dean just doesn’t want to hear it, wants old Sam back so much that he’s recklessly avoiding thinking about that Sam might be in a REALLY awful state afterwards. And how fucked up for Sam to hear all that.  We know Dean means well and just want’s “his” Sam back, but it’s also clear that he is at a loss of how to live with, work with this version of Sam and therefore not really thinking clearly. And of course Sam can only see it from the unemotional, logical and practical side here due to his missing soul and it makes perfect sense that he doesn’t WANT to end up in pain and incapacitated.

          The scenes in Crowley’s hideout are cool and the location makes for really great cinematography! It’s perfectly creepy with its many dilapidated rooms or cells, peeling plaster, weird equipment and so on.

          I was surprised at Meg offering to take the fall for the group to get a chance at Crowley. And I always expected her to flip at any moment…but maybe Cas is just THAT good of a kisser?! HAHAHA.

          We learn that the demon knife works on hellhounds. Interesting.

          I remember the first time I watched this episode how shocking it was that Cas just seemingly abruptly killed Crowley. WHAT?! I was sad that we “lost” Crowley.

          At the end of the episode you have to take a deep breath because so much happened and nothing was really solved. Well, we THINK maybe the guys at least don’t work for Crowley anymore?!

          Like I said….Intense.

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