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    • journalbookbinder
        July 30, 2022 at 10:43 pm #15151

        This one was kind of a slow and sad one. The sadder side of SPN. Dead kid. Sad mom. Evil Allastair, Dean getting warned by Tessa to trust his instinct that he is “not meant for something big and meaningful” and “chosen by God and the angels”. Pamela warning Sam with her dying words that he thinks he’s strengthening his powers for the right reasons, but he should re-think what he’s doing. Dean’s at odds with Sam – wanting Sam to admit he’s keeping secrets and he won’t. Dean admitting to Tessa that he kind of wishes he’d gone with her back at the hospital (and I think that has everything to do with his sinking feeling about Sam). It’s sad sad sad all-around. AND at the very end is the thank-you tribute to Kim Manners which only makes all that death all the more real.

        It has some funny lines and lots of cultural reference for the time (Haley Joel, Joe the Plumber, Mr. Myagi…) but it was a very depressing episode overall. One of he more quiet ones but it played on lots of Sam and Dean’s anxieties.

        I have to say that even though it’s sad to know how suspicious Dean is of Sam right now, it’s rather cool to see Sam so powerful; where Allastair can’t throw Sam around (but Sam’s explanation to Dean later as to “what happened” was very weak).

        Everyone is tricking everyone else in this episode. Cas pretends to be Bobby to get Sam and Dean on the case since angels can’t get through the warding. Sam pretends he’s not keeping secrets. Dean pretends he’s over Sam’s siren admission that Dean is holding him back. Sam lies to the dead boy. Sam lies to Dean. Dean lies to Sam. Maybe Cas is lying to Dean if you believe Tessa. Ruby is lying to Sam if you believe Pamela.

        And poor Pamela. I love that she died sad and angry though; it felt real. She didn’t forgive them. Didn’t give Sam a kiss as her “fun last moment on earth” – protested being involved in this all along. I hated to see Pamela die – another character I wish could have existed at least 3 more seasons.

        It’s also clear how far apart Sam and Dean are here. Sam is sure he and Dean are above the rules of the natural order. Dean is not sure of that at all.

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      • journalbookbinder
          July 30, 2022 at 10:43 pm #15153

          This does seem to be the logical follow-up to the last great siren episode though; where all these seeds of doubt are sown when the true feelings come out – now we’re back to not being honest and everyone around Sam and Dean is telling them things are not going to go well. And they’re not telling each other much.

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