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    • journalbookbinder
        June 2, 2023 at 5:06 pm #58760

        Sam was in the pit, then he wasn’t. I remember loving that Dean found a life with Lisa and Ben (even if he drank too much) and wanted this to go on just a bit longer for him (with us getting to see more than we did; Sam’s been out for awhile before he comes to Lisa’s house, but we don’t get to see everything Dean’s been doing). I still argue that Dean would never take up golf.

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      • journalbookbinder
          June 2, 2023 at 5:06 pm #60343

          I had not seen this one in a long, Long time.

          It was really jarring to watch this after the end of S5. Seasons 1-5 were so very good. Such perfect Supernatural. It made me fall in love with it.

          Then Eric Kripke moved on. They’ve said (writers and producers) since then that they would write a season finale post-season-five and not really know how they were going to resolve it.

          That is very abundantly clear here.

          So Sam has the HUGE sacrifice of Swan Song. And we don’t get to see Sam or Dean again until a YEAR later! And Dean has a life with Lisa and Ben even though he’s barely hanging on sometimes. But for me, that’s because of the grief over Sam, and this episode tries to make some of that about him “not living his authentic life” – not living as his real self which would a hunter. I kind of disagree with this. It’s always part of him. And the caution and paranoid makes sense that way. But I do think he could have lived with Lisa and Ben. Forever. And been good.

          I did like his very believable reaction to Sam showing up and all of that being kept secret from him for a year. He is US in this scenario; not believing any of this. That Grandpa Campbell is back and suddenly there are all these new family members we’ve never met before and Sam is acting very weird.

          The only thing that felt “real” about this episode was Dean. He was the only part for me that felt like the Supernatural I fell in love with. The rest was just weird. And Samuel is acting suspicious and Sam is acting suspicious (of course we find out why at some point) but AT LEAST Dean is picking up on all of this!

          The start of this one is still my favorite part of it. Seeing Dean living with Ben and Lisa…seeing his life…going out for a beer with the neighbor Syd and having to lie creatively about his past.

          Jensen was superb in this one.

          I thought Djinn story was weak. Nowhere NEAR as strong as the Djinn in earlier episode NOT AT ALL and it marks the point where Supernatural’s monsters start to be less compelling, less fascinating, and less part of the story. They are a sidebar or a way to move the story along.

          The Djinn here were lame. They just were. This is also the point where they seem to “cheap out” on the monster effects a bit and the monsters “stay” much more human-looking than before.

          I didn’t love this one. But Jensen was great.

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        • PigNaPoke
            June 2, 2023 at 5:06 pm #61734

            I will ALWAYS love and be grateful for Lisa! She is such great character and excellent depiction of a strong, capable, independent and caring woman! And SERIOUSLY gorgeous and kick ass. It must have been intense for her to have Dean home in such broken state at the beginning. She’s so patient and understanding. Glad that Dean had her to seek shelter at because without her, I am sure he would’ve just “hunt himself to death” out of grief.

            I love the collage at the beginning of Dean’s OLD and NEW life! And you slowly see Dean seem at least comfortable and smiling, if not exactly enthusiastic about his current circumstances.

            He’s watching out for people again – family – and trying to find a new purpose, but without losing himself or his skills.

            And I LOVE the Bob Seger song under it all. I think that’s the first time we had Bob Seger music?

            I do like the case Dean seems to be working and the way they keep making us guess, if it actually IS a case or if Dean is just overly paranoid.

            Then we get the shock to see Azazel back. WHAT? Just to be killed by Sam. WHAAAT?

            The episode does a very good job at putting us in Dean’s shoes! Totally thrown for a loop between Sam’s ODD behavior – so nonchalant about not immediately coming to see him, hunting with some strangers (family or not) – Samuel being back, other parts of Mary’s family still being in the business, BOBBY knowing Sam was back and not telling him. It’s a LOT to absorb and we get to experience that alongside Dean. His feelings of betrayal at the two people who are his family but kept him in the dark. The feelings of regret that something endangered his new family. The loathing at the entire situation. The temptation at what Samuel is offering with the hunting family. His insecurity of not knowing 100% what is the right thing to do right here. It’s all very palpable.

            Bobby’s “don’t touch the décor, assume it’s all loaded” comment when Lisa and Ben get there is GREAT!

            LOVE IT when Lisa tells Dean that he’s an idiot, basically ripping him a new one for seemingly giving up on her and Ben. Dean needs to hear that he IS worth her effort and love and that Ben is looking up to him and that he has a place there.

            NEVER liked any of the Campbells and how they make fun of Dean for trying to live a more normal life! (The GOLF thing must have been a stab at JENSEN’S hobby, right? Because under NO circumstances would DEAN have picked up golf. LOL) And then we immediately find out that there is something else going on with Samuel and Dean’s suspicion at something being off is actually DEAD ON!

            The end of the episode feels ominous. Having Dean basically send Sam away, actually letting him go AND offering him the Impala, because he feels more dutybound to Lisa and Ben right now is HUGE. Putting anything before Sam is new and BIG for Dean, but we can also clearly see that Sam is different and that Dean doesn’t know what to make of this new version and doesn’t feel the same connection to him at the moment. It’s heartbreaking seeing Dean ALMOST wave at Sam as he drives away, but letting his hand fall back down in the end.

            I remember feeling uneasy watching the beginning Season 6 for the first time, but keep believing that there has to be an explanation and that Dean will find it.

            And YES, this episode looked very different than season 1-5 SPN, more saturated colors, but I honestly thought it was intentional for THIS episode because Dean’s life was so different.

            It only became clear later that this was apparently the “new look” the CW wanted for the show. Sad. I missed the grit and darker colors of early SPN, BUT I found the subject matter and tone was still PLENTY dark and scary, so I never disliked the show or season for the new look alone.

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