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    • journalbookbinder
        August 3, 2023 at 3:43 pm #68522

        Sam and Dean separate for awhile after what was revealed by Veritas.

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      • PigNaPoke
          August 3, 2023 at 3:43 pm #69131

          NOPE, no separation, the opposite! Dean is REALLY gonna keep an eye on Sam NOW….


          A WHOPPER of an episode when it comes to new info!!

          I very much appreciate that we are not being led around by the….soft bits any longer, but smacked in the face with the truth about Sam right at the beginning of this episode!

          He has NO SOUL…..WOW!

          I remember how shocking that was to me the first time around because I had kept hoping that it was more or less a curse or some other affliction that could be removed from Sam once they figured it out. But NO SOUL….how do you even go about fixing that?

          LOVE the “Is he even still Sam without a soul” debate! What do you think?

          MAN, this is another DARK episode!

          I REALLY don’t like Samuel’s crew!

          I am very happy that now that the truth is out about Sam’s missing soul, Dean snaps straight back into “protect Sam” mode. It’s a little off and high in tension, but it’s clear that now that Dean knows the reason for Sam’s odd behavior he’s willing to at least have his back and try to help him stay on the straight and narrow.

          Including calling Sam straight out on not telling him the truth about the Alpha Vamp being captured. The conversation on the side of the road is giving us the first real deep insight of how different Sam’s thought processes are at the moment. He has a whole new – messed up – logic.

          What is most interesting to me is how Sam obviously trusts Samuel – or at least never questioned his status as the “clan leader” and therefor taking his orders and keeping his nose out of things Samuel wants to hide. He is essentially acting very much similar to how DEAN used to act around John!! Samuel is family, therefore Sam does what he’s told. Partially probably because that is what Dean taught him.

          HOWEVER, now Dean has the exact opposite opinion here. DON’T trust Family just because it’s blood! Question their motives, ask for the WHY. Don’t take blind orders.  Very much like Sam used to act around their dad.

          In the end, though, Dean’s resolve just settles back into place in this scene regarding not leaving Sam out to fend for himself when he clearly lacks the ability to bring some compassion and empathy to the actions and see the whole truth about what’s going on.


          RICK WORTHY!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! The Alpha Vamp is such great role and made come to life with such elegance and refinement by Rick! He is perfectly scary because you believe him his age and experience as the first of his kind. He doesn’t need to scream and intimidate…..he whispers and it’s SO much more effective. LOVE him!

          And, BOY oh BOY, the new info and lore he delivers to the show through his great relevations to Sam and Dean! Perfect delivery and interesting new twist on things. Purgatory is real, all monsters go there after death, Samuel is tasked to find out where it is?! Sheesh that’s a lot.

          And BOOM another twist with Crowley’s appearance where we find out about his promotion, new found power, that he has his spies already planted in their midst, that he brought Samuel and Sam back AND he wants to find Purgatory and “develop” it? LOL, what? Demon condos and timeshare? LOADS of new stuff here.

          Crowley’s way of speaking and Mark’s delivery will forever be one of my favorite things on the show. He’s so freaking wonderful  – both Crowley AND Mark.

          I think finding out that Samuel willingly works for Crowley for “his own reasons” is what shocked me the most and made me REALLY not like him – even more. LOL.


          REALLY GREAT episode full of impressive performances by amazing cast. It always made me giddy when watching an episode like that for the first time and feeling like a whole new BOOK full of new story opportunities had opened in front of our eyes! Forever grateful.

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