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    • journalbookbinder
        July 5, 2022 at 5:51 pm #14007

        Children hidden in the walls! This one deals with the taboo of incest and it’s a rather cruel one. Also, not the best one ever. So many horror movie tropes like all the jump scares and endless screaming.

        Jensen saves it with Dean’s practical asides like “please don’t let anyone grab my leg” when he lowers himself down into the girl’s “lair” below the floor.

        But it’s over-acted in other places (Dean telling the family they have to get out of there) and kind of unbelievable the way the family trusts them…there’s one point when they say they have to get out of there but all their tires are still flat so I’m not sure HOW they’re going to get out of there…then the story about the kids in the walls; ultimately TWO! Brother and sister – kept locked away by their father/grandfather and living in the walls of a house is all they know. I won’t ask about that many years of going to the bathroom inside the walls of a house…ick!

        Sam reads the dead daughter’s diary and figures it all out. Kudos for Sam and how fast he can read!

        But lots of innocent people die here – well, Uncle Ted, the dog…and it’s all meant to make Dean feel bad about what he did in hell? He says at the end that he was WORSE than those kids because they were victims, and he enjoyed it when he started torturing people in hell; enjoyed getting to take his anger out on someone else. I don’t think Sam knows quite what to do with that. Sam asked for honesty and then he got it and didn’t seem to know what to do with it. Dean sees himself in those poor twisted monster children. But he feels he’s worse. And no amount of talking to Sam is going to undo that.

        This was a bit more gross than usual with dead dog parts and the girl biting into a rat. But overall, my main impression was lots of running and screaming and crawling through the dark.

        Not my favorite one.

        Okay, I did like the moment when the “ghost” girl walks across the salt line and Dean realizes she is not a ghost. That’s kind of an “oh shit” moment, but later they seem relieved by the fact that she’s human; they just have to hold her at bay long enough for the family to get away.

        Yet Dean ends up killing the brother and the father of the family ends up killing the girl. Both victims die.

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      • PigNaPoke
          July 5, 2022 at 5:51 pm #14621

          Yeah, this one always leaves me a little bored and it feels like a total filler episode to me.

          And as you say, JBB, too many tropes, too many people die.

          It seems that every time when it’s the Winchesters against messed up HUMANS there are the least amount of people saved and lots of innocent lives lost. It’s just cruel all around and not enjoyable or even interesting to watch for me.

          Sorry, it’s probably one of my bottom three least favorites through out 15 years.

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