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    • journalbookbinder
        November 1, 2023 at 5:15 pm #88268

        Dean’s a posse magnet. Truth. Absolute truth. I love this one. Love the way Dean’s view of the Old West was shattered (STD-ridden saloon girls and all). I love the idea that Sam left a modern cell phone behind. There was recently some story about an ancient Chinese tomb where they found what they thought was a modern wristwatch and that got everyone talking about time travel. Loved Bobby saying he dropped the “kids” off (or had to pick the kids up) at Frontierland.

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      • PigNaPoke
          November 1, 2023 at 5:15 pm #97856

          There is NOTHING I don’t like about this episode….cause….COWBOY DEAN!

          “LOVE me some possy.”

          I just can’t get over Dean’s enthusiasm for all things old West and everyone else’s confusion or consternation about it. It is ADORABLE and let’s a little bit of childlike Dean shine through in this grim time that is heartwarming. Starting with the research session in the Campbell’s weirdo cellar library when Dean finds Samuel Colt’s journal.

          (Side note: I thought it was a very cool contrast how the Campbell compound is different from Bobby’s homebase. It drives the differences between them home on what is most important. The Campbells are all about the mission at the expense of family to me – with utilitarian facilities and a survivalist style dug out “bunker”, while Bobby is about the mission for family – making his home into what’s necessary to stay safe but not give up on the home feel. Bobby’s is where the heart is.)

          Of course, it’s also funny when Dean’s fan-boying meets the harsh reality of how NOT awesome – or at least not sanitary – the old West was. HAHA. The whole thing with the “Lady of the Night” is just hilarious.

          The episode has so many funny lines that are legendary now.

          I also really like the case of the Phoenix creature. I often wondered if Dean would have killed him if they didn’t absolutely need the ashes? In the end the guy was wronged and his wife brutally killed. Yes, revenge is rarely the best solution, but there was a lot of grey area in the story that I thought Dean would have sympathy for otherwise.

          Sam’s encounter with S. Colt was very cool for all of us! I appreciate that they built such a rich character and back story to the Colt that was already so important in the show. I loved how Sam immediately outsmarts Colt and how that obviously impressed S. Colt enough to get involved after all and send Sam the ashes.

          Rarely do we have an episode that makes a twist right at the end like here where we believe all was for naught and then find out differently in the last moments of the show. Very clever.

          All around a great idea and a classic episode!



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        • journalbookbinder
            November 1, 2023 at 5:15 pm #132927

            Such an excellent point about the difference between Bobby and the Campbells! Bobby strikes me as more “honest” about it whereas, as you said, the Campbells keep it all underground.


            I was struck by how many different locations there were in this episode! The Campbell library, the warehouse where Cas talks to the other angel, the street/gallows, the Sheriff’s office, the upstairs bedroom at the saloon, the saloon, Samuel Colt’s cabin, the stable, the outdoor graveyard – there were so many!!!!


            And a lot happened in this episode. The perfect blend of tension and humor. I loved so much about it.


            I agree with you on the twist at the end. I too thought the Phoenix character (monster married to a human) was a very cool idea! Yeah; that poor guy didn’t really do anything wrong! He was trying to avenge his wife’s death!


            At the end, I thought about the fact that Sam was the true hero of this one. In spite of Dean LOOKING like the hero with his love for the Old West, getting to be Sheriff, doing the duel in the street at noon, and killing the monster, it was SAM who saved the day by talking to Samuel Colt and telling him the truth. That’s the only reason Samuel Colt shipped him the ashes.


            I do have issue with how someone from the Old West could ever figure out how to operate a cell phone in order to find Sam’s address at Bobby’s but I’ll let that go! It was so cool to see them open the old crate with the phone in it!

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          • PigNaPoke
              November 1, 2023 at 5:15 pm #136377

              YES, indeed! Samuel Colt must have been pretty smart to figure out the cell phone to the point of finding an ADDRESS that isn’t even really Sam’s home. LOL

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