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        April 5, 2022 at 1:46 pm #12805

        I love this one. I’m creating the discussion late – after already re-watching. I loved that Sam and Dean got to swear – even if we didn’t get to hear it. It added to the “found footage” feel. It was fun to have them show-up mid-show as if they WERE showing up in someone else’s production like they were! Loved their equal parts of concern for the inept Ghostfacers and eye-rolling at how they approached everything. This episode always got e because it IS a hilarious send-up of real ghost hunting shows (which I watched too many of) and then it goes SEVERELY dark with one of the creepiest and most horror-film scenes that Supernatural has ever had…the dead-corpse birthday party with the moldy cake. And even in THAT scene; it’s masterful. The view of Corby from his hand-held camera AS HE DIES gruesomely…then the ghost comes over to Sam (Jared doing a great job of convincing me Sam was terrified having just watched Corby’s murder) and it’s FUNNY when he “only” puts a party hat on Sam’s head…but also so incredibly creepy to force Sam to participate, still alive, in whatever he’s doing there. The whole thing just veers from funny to terrifying to then ultimately so weirdly touching when Ed works to free Corby’s trapped soul by shocking him out of his loop, telling him he does love him. The whole episode is almost impossible to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it. It’s one of those quintessentially Supernatural episodes. It’s a great one. Unique, amazing lighting and set dec, GREAT acting all-around. So good.

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    Let’s all talk about Ghostfacers (S2 E13)

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