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    • journalbookbinder
        November 1, 2023 at 5:19 pm #88271

        HP Lovecraft and the gate to Purgatory. And, ugh, the demon takes Lisa and Ben. The beginning of the end for Lisa and Ben. Hate that.

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      • PigNaPoke
          November 1, 2023 at 5:19 pm #97874

          MAAAAAN, end of Season 6 is TOUGH!!

          This is one of my least favorite episodes…..because we permanently lose Lisa and Ben from the show.

          I STILL wish Dean would have had more faith in believing that Lisa can make her OWN decision of wanting to keep or break up contact with him. The memory wipe never sat well with me.

          Not only does it seem cruel to Lisa (and Dean, of course, but HE made the choice) but I also don’t really think that it WOULD actually protect Lisa and Ben IF something would want to come after them to hurt Dean again…..

          But as a story line, it is POWERFUL! And I totally blame CAS for it! It’s Cas’ wishy-washy attitude towards Crowley that forces Crowley’s hand, more or less.

          LOTS of maneuvering of players in this episode. Very interesting to watch.

          Dean breaks my heart! Torturing demons, trying to get information, but still also trying to protect Sam from seeing him lose his shit on the demons?!

          The Lovecraft case is a fun exploit on that bit of well-loved literary pop culture. And I LOVE how they brought Ellie back into the story like this! Shame she dies – love the actress! And her and Bobby really have some great scenes together.

          The old actor playing the last surviving human from the initial Lovecraft spell night was fantastic! He had a great way to still seem like a little boy in an old body, like his development got stuck back then from shock or something.

          I am glad we have some great actors like Sebastian Roche to deliver exposition to us. It would be pretty heavy handed otherwise. LOL.

          Cas BLACKMAILING Dean with the promise to help Lisa and Ben if he’s standing down is another TOTAL huge crack in their friendship. At least it would be for me.

          Some GREAT lighting in the warehouse scenes!

          As hard as it is to watch, I love the dad energy Dean has with Ben and how he keeps him focused and helping to get Lisa out of the warehouse.

          I tear up every time I watch Dean giving up Lisa and Ben when he walks  from their room in the Hospital and ALMOST loses it. (Gorgeous acting again from Jensen!!) UGH! Poor Dean and also…DAMMIT, Dean!

          I am glad that Sam at least TRIES to make Dean see reason at the end, but also respects Dean’s wishes without an argument when he sees the tears in Dean’s eyes! THAT is good brother energy.

          All sooo sad!

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      Let’s all talk about Let it Bleed (S6 E21)

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