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    • journalbookbinder
        August 21, 2023 at 2:13 pm #72829

        I always think this one is the chastity group one…but it’s the dragon one.

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      • PigNaPoke
          August 21, 2023 at 2:13 pm #90091

          This episode is a weird one to me. The case is MEH to me because there aren’t real dragons. I know….I know…probably a budget thing but they REALLY could have spent a little more time on the dragon lore and make the dragon/people a little more scary or at least have a shadow transformation or something to convey they are actually supernaturally powerful and intimidating. So, that whole thing fell flat to me.

          Also, WHY did they collect so many virgins, when it seemed they really only needed the ONE to serve as Eve’s meat suit. Maybe I missed something there. And what happened to the other girls?

          I do enjoy this episode for the brother interactions, though!

          I appreciate how this episode directly continues the last one. (Well, after the odd airplane/dragon opener)

          Cas’ dire warning of what Sam’s soul felt like is chilling! And you really feel the tension in the room as Dean worries and is anxious and Bobby is cautiously optimistic. Then that flips on its head when Sam shows up, seemingly completely normal, and now Dean is optimistic and straight back to being extremely protective and Bobby taken aback and cautioning Dean that he’s got issues coming when Sam finds out about the wall in his brain.

          I love the way Jared plays Sam when he first wakes up, kinda wide-eyed and just so happy to see everyone and the only thing coming to his mind is that he’s hungry. It’s cute and makes him seem innocent and younger for a moment. Like a breath of fresh air.

          Of course, all that is quickly overwritten by finding out how long he’d been gone.

          I also love that Sam is quickly back to being Sam, investigating, suspicious, smart, worried about Dean’s antics about stealing the virgin’s diary. HAHA. (Also Sam looks AWESOME in this episode)

          Very Sam and Dean and pretty heart-breaking exchange about Lisa and Ben, when Sam questions if Dean even tried living a life away from hunting and Dean admits that it didn’t work out. ☹

          I wonder what the building is that Dr. Visiyak lives in. It’s main doors open outwards and all that stained glass and dark wood work….maybe a museum? Anyhow, it’s a great location and very suitable to house a dragon sword.

          THAT bit, with Dean and the sword is HILARIOUS and I am glad they went all out cheesy sword in stone trope and then twisted it the Winchester way with the dynamite!! GREAT idea.

          I really question, why Dean wouldn’t have told Cas to shut up about what he knows. BIG oversight in my book. He totally should’ve guessed that Cas wasn’t “human” enough to see Sam’s subterfuge coming.

          The whole freeing of the virgins and fighting the dragons is kinda anticlimactic….really the only thing we get out of it is the gold they need for “Frontierland”. LOL. Also, this pile of gold should have come up a few more times over the years! I mean, what happened to it? Did they slowly cash it in? Was it ALL lost in the old west?

          The end of the episode is nice and ominous, though. Eve is annoying and the actress weak, but I do like the way she is introduced and the cutting back and forth between Bobby explaining what the book seems to be about and the actual action.

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