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    • journalbookbinder
        April 5, 2022 at 1:55 pm #12806

        This one was a fair episode. Again, I’m posting this discussion late after already having re-watched. The themes were pretty dark – being manipulated by a deceased loved one to kill yourself. Kids and adults alike. Though of course it was never the actual loved one behind the attempts to influence people into suicide. It was a soul-eating monster mimicking the voices of those long dead. I loved the misdirect with the porn-addicted phone company employee. It did not turn out to be him but the poor guy died in the process. AGAIN, just like the previous week, Sam gets to watch someone die in front of him! Therapy for life! But the most compelling part of this is Dean. He so wants to believe it’s John calling him that he’s ready to go in guns blazing without much critical thought and it almost gets a man killed; and gets Dean beat to hell. Sam is more reluctant. More cautious. Like he can see how vulnerable Dean is because he wants to believe in or hear from or trust in his father so much. It is probably one of the only people Dean would trust without much question. And Dean finally admits he’s REALLY scared about his pending trip to hell. Of course he is! But that scene kills me. Finally admitting it to Sam and Sam really hearing him even though he can’t offer much reassurance. A decent episode with GREAT performances by Jensen.

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      • PigNaPoke
          April 5, 2022 at 1:55 pm #12846

          Funny enough, this is an episode I didn’t remember as being very exciting or interesting, but I found it more entertaining this time around that on previous watchings.

          I always had a hard time with Dean’s simple willingness to believe that it IS John on the phone and to be willing to go kill a guy with no real proof behind it. And that he runs off when Sam begged him to wait until he gets back. However, this time around his desperation of wanting to find ANY way out is much more viceral to me, but it’s still rubbing me the wrong way as “not Dean”. I am glad that he quickly came to see that he made a mistake though when the person is clearly not a demon.

          I did like the beginning of the episode and the way it slowly unraveled what was actually going on and the sad, dark truth behind humanity “being so connected, yet never so alone” and therefore easier to get to and scam. Some of the details don’t make sense to me, though. HOW is the Crocatta targeting the victims? How does it conveniently get to Sam’s phone just in time when he needs to be lured to the phone company, using Dean’s voice.

          There are some fun moments in the episode, like Dean giving the disgusting phone company guy porn site advice. I thought the scene where Sam suggests to say “Hello” when Dean asked what he should say when John called again was hilarious, sad but funny. OMGS the tour guide in the museum is SOOO FUNNY to me because I have experienced guides like that. HA!

          There are a few times in scenes when Sam and Dean are interviewing witnesses where they REALLY are deep into non verbal communication with each other and I LOVE that. Both as characters AND as actors their ability to convey exactly what needs to be “said” in a scene without words astounds and excites me every time it’s on display….even all these years later. They BOTH are great at it.

          I enjoy that Sam is pretty gentle with Dean through out this episode (even when Dean is angry at him for opposing him) knowing that they’re coming up on the deadline and Dean is scared. AS IS SAM. Yes, Dean is the one going to Hell, but it’s not easy on Sam either. Between the guilt he feels of having his brother sacrifice himself for Sam and the worry of being alone and the fear for Dean of where he’s going….UGH…so hard to watch for both of them.

          GREAT “beat up” makeup in the final scene. The bruising looks so real it’s easy to believe.

          And that final scene KILLS me every time. Dean showing real vulnerability here and Sam being just supportive. Both on the verge of tears WITHOUT it getting away from them. MASTERFUL! And the pivot back to a gallows humor with the “and me” is BRILLIANT.

          Case might have been so so but we gain a bunch of deeper insight again into their inner thoughts and workings with some stellar acting….so it’s a good episode nevertheless.

          On a positive note – YAY – RETRO STAR ROOM DIVIDER!!!! And I have to say….looking at this again now – YOUR’S is soooo much better, JBB!!

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