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        August 21, 2022 at 9:04 pm #16820

        One of my favorite favorite favorites!!! I love this episode so much. It’s one of those, for me, that feels like it’s 90 minutes Long in a GOOD way because it is packed with so much. It’s another one of those perfect SPN episodes for me. It’s so funny at first with Sam and Dean finding out about the books. Chuck is a pitiable and humorous character at first. Then it gets deadly serious with Dean unable to “undo” and of the prophetic events – as much as he tries for “Opposite Day”, it doesn’t work. It feels like it’s all slipping away as the episode goes along. Even Cas refuses to interfere. Then Cas gives him advice in code and I feel like everyone can count on him again. Sam and Dean argue over how to proceed; Dean wants to protect Sam, Sam wants to take a shot a Lilith. Sam is over-confident and Dean just wants to protect him. Sam agrees to sacrifice himself too stop the apocalypse, but then goes for Lilith with Ruby’s knife so was that the plan all along? He claims at the end in the car with Dean that he never intended to really sacrifice himself. Dean gets ever more frantic in this episode and that’s hard to watch and even Chuck goes from funny/sympathetic to more just sad with how hopeless he feels about the writing he is forced to do. And Zachariah at the end with the ominous “have you seen how it happens” and Chuck saying he hasn’t told Dean or Sam which sounds like something horrible is coming. It’s all so dark and depressing and scary and it started out funny.

        I just love it.

        And I also love that Chuck appears to really feel for his characters. Feels terrible about all the put them through (“for literary symmetry”). I don’t believe that the show knew Chuck would be God at this point. I think they found their way there. But I love the slams on writers and writing and the poking at fans with the fandom and the Sam/Dean slash fans…I love it ALL. The first time the writers really acknowledged us and somehow they made it totally okay! They still kept Supernatural as a real world unto itself while mentioning this alternate universe of the real real world outside of the fictional show. I enjoy when they make fun of what we love – like the publisher going on about how it’s best when “they cry”. I’ve read that on Twitter a million times and thought it a few times myself.

        I love how freaked out Sam and Dean are by how much Chuck knows about their lives they always tried to keep secret.

        The laundromat scene is one of the best ever writen for the show. “You just thought I was a dick.”

        This one is firmly in my top 10. If not top 5. I love it.

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