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    • journalbookbinder
        May 16, 2022 at 4:55 pm #13539

        I watched this one before adding this discussion. Man, I enjoyed it. Thinking about the fun they must have had. Bob Singer directed it to be SO MUCH LIKE an old monster movie. And it was one of those great Supernaturals that has EVERYTHING. Funny, sad, touching, gray areas, a bit scary/violent…all of it. I REALLY enjoyed watching Sam and Dean look completely and utterly confused at how NONE of these killings fit into their known lore about vampires or werewolves, etc. When Dean comes face-to-face with Dracula/shapeshifter his look of incredulity is priceless. LOVE that he keeps talking about what a crazy S.O.B. the guy is even while tied up and facing possible death. I also loved the Dean and Jaime relationship here. One of the most real/believable kisses Supernatural has ever shown. They legit looked like they were into each other and I loved that.

        Sam is funny too. His comment about Porgy’s II at the end being my favorite.

        Loved “Dracula” telling the pizza guy he has a coupon! One of my favorite lines EVER! That whole pizza guy scene was gold.

        Loved Jaime calling the shifter out on his weird behavior – that he is NOT going to get what he wants by doing what he’s doing. Also love that SHE saved the guys by shooting the shifter. Always love it when that happens.

        It made me want a giant pretzel RIGHT NOW!

        Just a great episode.

        I Tweeted to Todd Stashwick after to tell him how great he was as the shifter. He has fond memories of the role and said it was one of his favorite of his career and confirmed another fan’s comments that he had a GREAT time acting with Jensen.

        I also messaged Jerry Wanek about the incredible sets in this episode. He blew my mind by saying that set didn’t take an “extra” time; just the usual turnaround! It was so complex! Wow!

        I really really enjoyed this one. And even my wife who “doesn’t like the funny ones” because they’re “goofy” liked this one.

        A’s all-around.

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      • PigNaPoke
          May 16, 2022 at 4:55 pm #13718

          YES, this one just WORKS!!

          The look, the music, the old timey make up on the monsters, the locations….it is AWESOME.

          And “HEY!” Dean in Lederhosen ain’t horrible, even though it’s supposed to be funny.

          Another one of these episodes where the mix of humor, horror and emotion is simply perfect.

          I didn’t find it silly or goofy although it had plenty of pricelessly funny moments like Dracula on the Vespa (beep beep) or Dracula telling the pizza guy he had a coupon! There was also much HEART in the story. The monster definitely had to die, but his back story is sad and touching and we kinda feel for the guy.

          Dean opening up to Jamie a little about his earlier doubts and new found sense of mission was nice, too. Even though it starts as a cheesy pick up it turns into a real heart-felt moment there and as you said JBB their chemistry felt real and believable (as did the kissing)! I very much enjoyed the actress playing Jamie as well. She seemed very down to earth and made a nice anchor in the episode.

          LOVED the way the story took us through several classic movie monsters and several nice misdirects about the culprit, too. Ed is definitely an odd bird and the actor does a GREAT job with it.

          The monster’s lair is amazingly done and I LOOOOVE that it is simply a set of sorts, with the doors opening in weird ways and Sam kicking through the door and crashing through the “stone” wall.

          I also really adore that the monster goes out on his own terms in a way. He’s shot, knows he’ll die and makes it the perfect old time movie scene!!! LOL.

          Altogether….a CLASSIC!

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