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    • journalbookbinder
        January 25, 2023 at 2:15 pm #39515

        Cupid!  And famine. Bring on the horsemen. The second horseman’s introduction since we already met War.

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      • journalbookbinder
          January 25, 2023 at 2:15 pm #40530

          Funny how I remembered the humor in this one and forgot that this one was also full of EXTREME darkness!

          That whole speech that Famine gives to Dean. UGH! He’s not hungry for anything because inside, he’s already dead??? I love how Dean is valiant even in the face of that. He likes to think that he’s immune to Famine due to his “strength of character”. God, I love him and his refusal to back down no matter what. No matter what horrible thing is said to him or happening to him.

          Sam with the demon blood craving was super effective. Wow. Dean’s disappointment. Sam’s kinda scary relapse. When he tells the second demon to “Wait your turn”, I totally believe he’s out of control. It was clear that Famine was affecting him just like the other people in town. And Dean’s look of complete defeat when he saw Sam flex his powers again. That was totally heartbreaking.

          I liked the funny coroner.

          The funny stuff about Cupid also made me think about the Winchesters and how they completely left out that John and Mary can’t stand each other at first until a Cupid steps in.

          GREAT Supernatural with how funny it was and how complex and how depressingly dark. The Famine character was truly horror/disgusting with the bad teeth and creepy high-pitched singsong way of talking. So good! I MISS how scary and gory and disgusting Supernatural was! They got away from that in later years and that was a mistake. The fry chef eating burning hot fries and then face-down in the hot oil…Cas shoving in raw meat…all done so so so well.

          Sam; chained to the sink and when he hears the demons come in and thinks it’s Dean and Cas coming back…he’s so HOPEFUL that it just kills me when he calls out to them! To know later that Famine sent those demons to feed Sam’s addiction…kind of nice payback that it was Sam’s abilities that did Famine in…I am assuming he was destroyed by the pulling of the souls back out of him? I love that Sam, even under the influence, is so smart. Thinking of a way to use Famine’s own need against him. I loved it!

          Then the end with Sam back in the panic room at Bobby’s and Dean outside asking God for help; at his wits end over what to do about Sam. THAT kills me.

          The whole thing killed me!

          Season five is THE BEST! I might actually watch this one again before moving on to the next.

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        • journalbookbinder
            January 25, 2023 at 2:15 pm #40531

            Cupid’s naked hugs: “I don’t like it.” (Cas:) “Nobody likes it.” Makes me laugh every time. Cas being so deadpan is the best thing ever.

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          • journalbookbinder
              January 25, 2023 at 2:15 pm #40532

              Also funny: the couple at the beginning about to (at first, we think) have sex and the woman says she never does this…and the guy replies, as they are ripping each other’s clothes off, “I respect the hell out of you right now.” SO FUNNY!

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            • PigNaPoke
                January 25, 2023 at 2:15 pm #42574

                I forget every round of rewatching how great this episode is! Truly SCARY. Straight from the start!

                That couple literally devouring each other is so creepy and sets the stage immediately to high stakes.

                OOOH that red and green swirly wallpaper in the motel. Strong choice.

                First view of Dean sitting in shirt and loose tie with his feet up on the table….HOT.

                Hehe, Unattached Drifter Christmas.

                When they meet the Cupid Dean’s reactions are ALL hilarious. The distaste on his face when the naked angel is standing in front of him. LOL And when he punches him and almost breaks his hand.

                I know that the stuff the cupid says about Mary and John needing to meet and Sam and Dean needing to be born and how John and Mary couldn’t stand each other at first now goes directly against what we are seeing on The Winchesters, however, I never liked that notion here ever. The whole idea that Sam and Dean were “manufactured” never sat well with me. And it isn’t really pursued later into the seasons, so the statement here kind of hangs in the air alone.

                Famine is sooooo incredibly creepy. They chose the perfect actor and I love how the character is made to look so frail and weak when he wields such terrible power.  The threat of being completely out of control to reign in your impulses is terrifying and they made that very palpable in this episode and visually effective – like the guy sticking his hands into the deep fryer and his skin peeling off. The carnage at the Biggerson is awful.

                I love how all the signs that something is wrong even with Sam and Cas are slowly creeping up. It’s very subtle until it’s not.

                Poor Sam. I am glad he did say that Famine got to him! He could’ve tried to hide it. He looked so beaten when he told Dean, though. We could clearly see how much he hated to disappoint Dean.

                I don’t buy what Famine is saying to Dean how his effect bounces off Dean because he is already dead inside. Dean is one of the most passionate and deep feeling people ever, he is NOT dead inside. I tend to believe it’s what DEAN said, that he’s just “well fed” and that’s why Famine can’t get a hook in with him. He’s too full of everything and there is no room for a hunger to catch on. Just because you don’t CRAVE something doesn’t mean your empty.

                I think Famine just knows what to say to Dean to make him doubt himself and have a chink in his armor.

                Yes, Dean is scared and overwhelmed standing against impossible odds. Only a fool wouldn’t be. But he is NOT dead inside.

                “Americans are like a swarm of locusts in stretchpants.” HAHA. Sadly true for many.

                I agree, JBB, Dean’s never ending snark in the presence of beings he has no chance fighting is WONDERFUL and inspiring. He will not and cannot just be meek and quiet! I love that so much. He won’t hide and he won’t show weakness, even when he knows his chances are slim to none to get out of a situation….there IS always a chance.

                And it also makes the contrast to Dean being truly scared, like when Sam took out Famine with his mind, and at a low point, like at the very end of the episode, so much more stark and effective.

                Great episode.

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