Let’s all talk about My Heart Will Go On (S6 E17)

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    • journalbookbinder
        November 1, 2023 at 5:13 pm #88267

        AU history when Balthazar stops the sinking of the Titanic and everything is off after that, from Sam and Dean’s car to Bobby married to Ellen (I wish that could have happened!).

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      • PigNaPoke
          November 1, 2023 at 5:13 pm #90100

          Another awesome story!

          LOVE the way we find out slowly WHAT’S going on!

          The episode start TOTALLY throws us for a loop – the Mustang! The different name on Bobby’s junkyard (B&E scrapyard). Ellen being married to Bobby!! Jo being alive and hunting. The boys staying in a much nicer motel (White Star Hotel – very art deco wall paper!). All slightly off. LOVE all that.

          Seeing Ellen again is AWESOME and she looks amazing!

          I am so glad we got these scenes between Bobby and Ellen! What amazingly strong AND at the same time difficult relationship and partnership that would have been!

          All the deaths in the episode are really gruesome and kind off over the top.

          I always REALLY enjoy the crap out of Balthazar – especially his portrayal by Sebastian Roche!!! He showed us another kind of angel! His arrogance and entitlement and petulance and complete disregard for rules or consequences is FUN to watch. Like in French Mistake or here.

          Of course, we later find out the real reason behind WHY the whole Titanic plan even happened in the final surprise of the episode and BIG reveal by fate that CAS is behind it all and Balthzar works with him! Mindblown!

          I’m glad that it wasn’t Sam, Dean or Bobby who had to make the decision to RE-sink the Titanic!!

          This episode also REALLY shifted my view of Cas. He’s straight up LYING to Sam and Dean here for no other reason than to protect himself and his own plan. Yes, also to protect them, but he CAUSED the whole situation to begin with.  BIG step in the wrong direction, Cas!

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      Let’s all talk about My Heart Will Go On (S6 E17)

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