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      This was the shortened season of the writer’s strike in Hollywood at the time. According to Wikipedia, there had been a lot more planned to explore in episodes that were never made, such as Sam’s increasing, dark powers that he was going to fully embrace in order to actually save Dean from going to hell. Then he’d be all “powered up” and wanting to go after Lilith. This did all happen in season 4, but poor Dean had to go to hell in one of the most gruesome scenes Supernatural has ever put onscreen. I know Jensen talked about all the rigging for all the blood under his wardrobe that day – that you knew it wasn’t going to be a good day at work when you had that many tubes under your clothes. He’s also long-said that the scene where he was suspended on hooks in hell, as brief as it was, was one of the most brutal to shoot as they actually did it by suspending him with a harness. He had to spend a long time in that harness and it wasn’t pleasant. This episode is still hard for me to watch. But I will. Sam watching Dean ripped to shreds in front of him. Also really drives home the terrifying nature of Hellhounds which I think are all the scarier for being invisible.

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        Every time this episode comes up in my rewatch cycle I cringe and make sure I can watch “Lazarus Rising” right after to soften the blow of Dean dying.

        I do like that this season felt so urgent and fast developing because of the writer’s strike. And I’m kinda glad that is was cut short judging by what you say above JBB!! How much MORE awful would it have been for Dean to not to only go to hell at the end but also know that he’s leaving his brother behind who’s now all powered up and dark-side??? I am glad it didn’t play out that way in season 3. It also makes more sense to me that Sam would be driven to embracing the slippery morality of his shenanigans in Season 4 BECAUSE he wasn’t able to save Dean before.

        OK, about this episode:
        Starting right out with Dean’s dream of being chased by a hell hound was intense. And just when the viewer gets to relax a little after Sam’s “good news” there’s suddenly the horrible death face hallucination and we’re all confused again. It really all drives the point home how tense the situation is for Dean now.

        At Bobby’s I love that vintage looking apparatus they use to find Lilith. Very cool prop.

        I really commend Dean for standing up against summoning Ruby and going down another demon path.

        My question: of course Dean knew that Sam wouldn’t listen and summon Ruby anyway, but was it all Dean’s plan laying in wait and provoking her into a fight to filch the knife and then trap her? OR were they in it together but we weren’t shown that part?
        I think they were in it together, otherwise Dean would have been more mad afterwards and Sam would have seemed more chagrinned at being caught, don’t you think?

        Great brother scene when they are loading their weapons. I love that Sam isn’t giving up trying to convince Dean to at least ask Ruby what she knows or meant and I love that Dean doesn’t give in but they are not fighting here, just stating facts. And having this scene end with “you totally should’ve jammed eye of the tiger right here” is just so perfectly SPN! (AND I love that they actually get to use that song later! HA!)

        Also great job on Jared’s part for having Sam pretty much on the edge of tears the entire episode.

        Interesting choice to make the colors in the following scenes with Lilith on shore leave all bright and exaggerated. The whole thing about Lilith choosing to possess a child and running a muck is SO disturbing and creepy. Great job on all the actor’s parts especially the kid. Her quick changes from sweet to petulant and downright scary are pretty amazing for a small person.

        LOVE LOVE LOVE Bobby! He knows his boys so well! And HELLO genius move with the holy water sprinkler system. Everybody should have that in their yard.

        There are SO many iconic one liners in this episode – masterful Kripke at work!

        GOD, the last scenes are sooo sooo tough to watch. The last few things Dean tells Sam are so simple and heartfelt and really sum up his core. Keep fighting, respect dad, respect him, respect baby. A simply but beautiful man!

        Both Jared and Jensen had to be EXHAUSTED from the physical and emotional acting in this episode. Brilliantly done and because of that too realistic and heartbreaking.

        Great job on Katie’s part making Lilith different from Ruby.

        As absolutely horrible as it is to watch the make up/ real effect work in this gruesome scene are incredibly well done and the editing makes it all way too real.

        Very good episode but not one I like to watch often.

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