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    • journalbookbinder
        February 20, 2023 at 2:41 pm #42730

        This is the one that opens with Zachariah talking about his “work” in a bar. Love that scene as the bar falls apart around him! He’s such a dick! I love him! And we get more of Adam. And perhaps the best death scene in ALL of Supernatural. I forgot that happened this far before the end of the season (somehow I thought it was closer to the end) – but that whole scene with Sam and Dean and Zachariah in The Beautiful Room (that’s very subjective!) is just one of the best of the entire series.

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      • PigNaPoke
          February 20, 2023 at 2:41 pm #44637

          AMAZING Episode!!!

          SO much happening, it’s hard to believe it’s only 45 minutes.

          Yeah, JBB, that scene at the bar where Zachariah is bitching about work like a normal human with very relatable complaints is PERFECT. He complete disregards for anything but himself is so clear on display and brilliantly portrayed by  Kurt Fuller. So much fun to watch him being the arrogant ass he is.


          TOUGH scene between Sam and Dean in the beginning. Dean still in giving up mode, Sam won’t let him. Dean giving him shit about running himself and daring him to try and stop him when he’s “not all hopped up on demon blood.”  But I also think that this scene clears the air a little and I like that Sam admits that he was wrong for many times he ran away.

          OOFTA, the scene between Dean and Bobby (and Sam) is another doozy! Dean’s all itching to get to say yes and at least save as many people as he can by letting Michael ride him, reminds me of Sam in season 4 being all convinced that only he can save the world by letting the demon blood give him strength…. Shame that Dean can’t see that in this moment and remember that it’s never boded well for them to have an outside influence dictate their actions.

          Him snarking at Bobby that he’s not his father is a low blow, but shows how on edge Dean truly is here. But it still stings majorly! And the way Bobby responds with showing them the gun and single bullet and telling Dean that he’s only hanging on because Dean has demanded that he wouldn’t give up is the PERFECTLY chilling counter! WOW.


          I love how they show us Cas’ strength by the way he pulls Adam out of his grave with one hand. It’s awkward and funny, but also reminds us that Cas has great power.


          I remember watching this the first time I had hope that maybe NOW the three brothers would have a new start and get to know each other for real a little. But we immediately find out that the angels have gotten to him already and tainted his perception of Sam and Dean. SO SAD!

          I did always find it a little annoying that Adam was THAT gullible! Him buying the whole promise the angels made to him about seeing his mom again seemed very childlike to me. I wish the writers would have given us some nugget of knowledge how Adam might have been brought up in a religious household to give this some believability for me.  BUT Jake did a great job playing Adam and making him seem both younger that the age he was supposed to be by this naiveté and older that his age in his demeanor. Hard to pull off.

          It’s a little funny how Dean seems to be feeling insulted by having been moved on from! HA! He didn’t want to be an angel condom….then he wanted to say yes….and now THEY don’t want him anymore and he’s pissed about THAT.

          HEARTWRENCHING scene in the Safe Room between Dean and Sam. UGH. Understandable that Dean feels still betrayed and hurt and scared Sam’s gonna make a wrong decision again, but MAN…harsh words “I don’t believe in you.”!!!

          But I LOVE that it’s not deterring Sam from still having ALL the trust in Dean and telling him so in that later Safe Room scene when he uncuffs Dean. Both scenes have so much honesty from them, even if it’s harsh to hear, it’s refreshing and the only way they can function together successfully.

          Good balance between those two scenes.

          Another great scene is when Cas finally snaps and gives Dean a piece of his mind that he rebelled for him and gave everything up for him and that he expected better! Dean needed to hear that. Needed to know that someone as powerful as Cas had the faith in him to be able to stand up to Heaven, even if that believe is currently called in question.


          Great twist to find out that Zachariah only every needed Adam as BAIT! WOW. Adam only ever gets screwed in this show. Poor guy.

          ANOTHER every greater twist to see Dean actually has a plan…or maybe it just occurred to him, like he later says to Sam, but we are fully let to believe that this is IT. Dean is back to being desperate to save his family and willing to do anything. Well, he had told Sam he would say YES, but Sam and we didn’t REALLY believe that, did we. That whole scene is such a rollercoaster of emotions until Dean looks at Sam and fucking WINKS!!!! HA!

          OUR DEAN IS BACK! Snark in the face of impossible odds, check! Brave action with split second’s notice, check! Putting family first, CHECK!

          Stabbing the surprised Zachariah in the head! YES!


          And the last scene in the car is also wonderful. Really making me believe that Dean has had an attitude adjustment and is back in the saddle.

          LOVE that he gives Sam the acknowledgement that he’s a grown man and deserves some respect, but that Dean is still his big brother and always will be. AAAWWW.






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