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    • journalbookbinder
        April 2, 2021 at 9:42 am #6947

        Sam gets an almost-girlfriend in Sarah. Man, I loved Sarah. Loved that Dean saw it too (“Marry that girl!”). I liked the scene, played for laughs, of Dean out of his element in the art world though you KNOW I don’t think Dean is at all stupid! I will enjoy watching it again!

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      • PigNaPoke
          April 2, 2021 at 9:42 am #7123

          Another REALLY strong episode!!

          Hands down one of my top three hotel rooms. Absolutely LOVE the room reveal with the disco bass music and Sam and Dean’s “huh” at the end!!!! I laugh out loud every time.

          HEHEHE – Dean’s being Dean in the bar. Sleezy pickup lines and all.

          And here we go with Dean’s food obsession and bad manners. LOVE the guy, but I never found that part too funny, because I hate it when the writers made him look stupid.

          I DO love the way Dean tries to push Sam at Sarah seeing how they seem to like each other and Dean wants Sam to have a little fun – although, it’s not really subtle. Hehe. I really like the resulting brother talk about why Dean is pushing so hard. Dean is so empathetic and concerned in this scene and actually verbalizes his concern in a really nice way – not shying away from “chick flick talk” for once.

          REEEEALLY like the Sarah character!! Smart, mature, strong, independent thinking, open-minded. Pretty tough the way she deals with a woman’s head coming off at the neck in front of her and then insists on tagging along with the boys!! Love that she cut Sam some slack with the wine list. And I really appreciate her asking Sam if there is something between them, not just waiting or trying to kiss him. I’m with Dean on that one. “Marry that girl”.

          It’s lovely that Sam and her kiss at the end and Dean is so happy about it. Shame the next time we see Sarah is when Crowley kills her via hexbag….but I did enjoy her as a temporary sidekick on this case.

          And the case is GREAT! Creepy ghost children are one of MY favorites. There is something super disturbing about “innocent” children being corrupted after death into being such bloodthirsty little monsters!! And when dolls with real children’s hair are involved…..creep factor goes up to 1000. The painting is awesomely awful! SOOO ugly. And it was an interesting interaction between ghosts – with the father trying to warn viewers and the little girl being the actual villain in the piece. Nice twist.

          Is this the first time we learn about iron fire pokers as good ghost dispersing weapons? I think it might be.

          Fun fact that the slaughter of the family in the painting was front page news together with the sinking of the Titanic! Must be a small town.

          Fun effects. Good casting. Great locations between the stately house, the cemetery, the mausoleum and the motel room!!! Excellent episode.

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          • kate38
              April 2, 2021 at 9:42 am #7573

              “And here we go with Dean’s food obsession and bad manners. LOVE the guy, but I never found that part too funny, because I hate it when the writers made him look stupid.”

              I agree, PNP! That always annoys me, too. It isn’t even funny…

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          • kate38
              April 2, 2021 at 9:42 am #7572

              I don’t have that much to say about this one. It’s never been one of my favorites.

              Hey, did you guys notice that the first murder victim (Mr. Teleska) is Dean’s cop friend from “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits”? These little repeat actor Easter eggs are fun.

              I’ve always been luke warm about Sarah, but I did like this case. The idea of a haunted painting was creative, and I didn’t expect the little girl to be the murderer. That was clever.

              LOL! “THE KRIP” license plate in the fancy-car parking lot — that was fun 😊

              It annoys me when Sam throws his education in Dean’s face. It happens less often in the later episodes, but it happened a lot in the early seasons — like they had to keep reminding us that Sam had a college education, but Dean only had a GED. That always bugs me when they make it seem like Dean isn’t smart.


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