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    • journalbookbinder
        April 23, 2023 at 3:08 pm #52135

        I have always said this is my favorite episode of Supernatural out of all of them. I’m looking forward to the rewatch to see if it’s still my favorite.

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      • PigNaPoke
          April 23, 2023 at 3:08 pm #61732

          Of course, one of THE BEST episodes ever.

          My favorite of it all being the Chuck monologue tying it all together. THAT collection of lines about the Impala and depicting Sam and Dean’s life with her is PERFECT and MOVING and the core of what we love about the show.

          GREAT conversation between Dean and Sam right at the beginning. There is SO MUCH MORE unsaid stuff in there. It’s huge for Dean to pay Sam the respect to make his own decision. He admits that it’s no longer his right or responsibility to tell Sam what to do. He did the best he could to bring Sam up and protect him to this point and he’ll be there to keep fighting with him BUT it’s up to Sam to decide.

          Then there is the way he says it’s been his job to look out for Sam but it’s also WHO HE IS. Implying that he doesn’t really know what to do or who he’ll be without Sam. Chilling truth here. He says “Maybe I got to do a little growing up too” meaning LETTING GO of who he sees himself being as Sam’s protector. That’s HARD to do and another huge sign of trust and respect to Sam.

          All that is made so much more momentous because Dean had to find his way back to seeing Sam as trust worthy after the demon blood thing! BIG BIG stuff here in between the lines of this conversation.

          This was where Mark Pellegrino was at his most chilling. So casual and logical but cruel. Not a caricature but really exciting to watch and scary.

          Jared does a fantastic job in the conversation with himself! Very believably TWO different people. I just never understood the point Lucifer is trying to make when he goads Sam into getting “a little payback” for the way his whole life was manipulated. Why make Sam kill all of these demons in his brain?


          Still hurts to watch Dean’s disbelief that Cas and Bobby have given up. But he keeps doggedly putting one foot in front of the other and NOT giving up. Love him so much!

          I also think Dean HOPES that if he goes to Stull simply to be there for Sam, that he WILL die in the possible fall out of the big prize fight and NOT need to deal with life thereafter (aka without Sam).


          Mistress Magda! HA! CHUCK. Funny that WE know he’s God….and God is up for some phone sex before the world ends. Sorry, I guess that’s blasphemy? But I don’t belong to that club.

          It is SOOO HARD to watch Sam/Lucifer beat Dean up so badly in Stull Cemetery. I watched this episode soooo many times, but I am still flinching and working hard not to look away in this scene. UGH!

          They did a good job making us believe how strong Lucifer is in Sam’s body by the ease in which he handles Dean and severity of Dean’s injuries. But I always always had to think about how SAM would feel inside his body without control to stop hurting his brother.

          Tough conversation in the car between Dean and Cas. “You got what you asked for. No paradise. No hell. Just more of the same.”  Well, not REALLY. Dean didn’t ask for nothing. He just didn’t want the world to end. He shoulda let Crowley negotiate FOR him with Death, I guess, Crowley would have drawn up some contract loop holes. Just kidding, of course.

          But “what would you rater have: Peace or Freedom?” always bugged me. Why can’t there be peace IN freedom? Peace means you are bound in some way? Is Peace = Ignorance? And because they chose to save the world there cannot be peace? That’s a sucky end.


          I wonder if Dean was supposed to be breaking down and crying when he arrives at Lisa’s? We all know Jensen CAN pull that out of his hat without trouble, but they made another choice here. I like how he’s skating on the very edge of a breakdown here, but doesn’t fully lose it. It’s effectively showing us HOW STRONG he really is and how important Sam’s wishes are to him.


          I swear the first time I watched Sam reappear and look in on Dean’s new family without any expression, I thought he WAS Lucifer come back to earth. And then we sat around MONTHS without knowing. LOL. I don’t remember if we knew already that the show would continue?

          Anyhow. EXCELLENT episode and exit for Eric Kripke!

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