Let’s all talk about The Man Who Would Be King (S6 E20)

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    • journalbookbinder
        November 1, 2023 at 5:18 pm #88270

        Heaven storyline. Probably why I don’t remember much about it so look forward to rewatching.

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      • PigNaPoke
          November 1, 2023 at 5:18 pm #97871

          This episode is difficult for me.

          GREAT dramatic story line, for sure, BUT….

          I know it’s MEANT for us to understand Cas more and his motivations and see that he needs help to see right from wrong. BUT what it does for me instead is REALLY turn me off from Cas. And I think, deep down, this episode broke my love for Cas pretty permanently.

          CROWLEY says it exactly right here (paraphrasing): “As long as the Winchesters believe the big lie of the good Cas, the righteous Cas, you (Cas) get to believe it.”

          But that’s not good enough. I need more here to make me see his pure intentions.

          He keeps saying he is doing this and that to protect his friends. But ALL of his actions have a kernel of self-service. None of it is self-sacrificing.

          He’s weak – not strong. At least weak-minded. Motivated by the fear of losing heaven, being beaten by Raphael and he doesn’t even come up with his own clever solution…Crowley does that FOR him…..SIGH. And he doesn’t have the wits to see the negative side of this?!

          Or AT LEAST to ask for help from the Winchesters and Bobby? Has he learned NOTHING from them!

          I’m also not a fan of the jumpy timeline. It’s confusing!

          I do LOVE Crowley here – Mark is fantastic.

          And JENSEN!!! That few seconds of non-verbal acting right after Dean finds out that Cas DID betray them is so freaking masterful. You see every nuance – surprise, loss of faith, deep disappointment, hurt and finally murderous anger. WOW.

          And Dean is right in saying later: “You’re a freaking child. Just because you can do what you want, you don’t get to do whatever you want.”

          Every moment in this episode where Cas is given yet another chance to listen and change course, he doesn’t. ON WHAT AUTHORITY???

          And then he’s ASKING GOD????? Who hasn’t spoken to him ever???

          He has close friends who are looking out for him RIGHT THERE. FAMILY who wants to believe in him and forgive him. And he’s choosing to ignore them? THAT is STUPID. (And making Sam’s wall crumble later on is unforgivable to me).

          Yeah, IF the intention was to make me feel for Cas’s hard situation and difficult choices….it failed. All it makes me feel is outraged that he learned so little and is so damn naïve.

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      Let’s all talk about The Man Who Would Be King (S6 E20)

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