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    • journalbookbinder
        January 25, 2023 at 2:11 pm #39514

        The one thing that always stuck with me from this one was the look on Sam’s face when he goes back in time and meets his mother. And Dean watching Sam…that scene is masterful. Can’t wait to watch it again!

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      • journalbookbinder
          January 25, 2023 at 2:11 pm #40529

          I had not seen this episode in a very long time. Wow. It might have to be top 10. It is even better than I remembered! the LOOK that Sam gives Mary while they’re sitting on the couch; tears in his eyes…just to see his mom alive. It was just as impactful as the first time I saw it. And Dean sitting there, having time-traveled once before already, trying to cover for Sam talking about how beautiful Mary is, etc…it’s just…perfect. Dean trying to soften the truth all along and then just telling her. I think perhaps Amy Gumenick was the best Mary. Her range is awesome. Her fear and sadness and disbelief…it’s just amazing. And Matt Cohen did a fine job as John too; AND Michael. I totally believed that character shift. There is just SO MUCH in this one. I don’t even really know where to start.

          The LOOK that John gives Mary in the garage after the fight with Anna – you can just see the “what ELSE haven’t you told me?” look on his face and that just reminds me of Sam and Dean and Sam with his demon blood…UGH!

          I loved getting the full picture from Michael here, as depressing as it is. That Sam and Dean were destined to be vessels and fight each other as Michael and Lucifer (according to Michael) right from the start of time. I thought it was interesting that Michael would bring Sam back to life just to be able to fight Lucifer wearing Sam’s body later! I mean, no Sam, maybe no Lucifer so if Michael had just left him dead, would he win by default?

          I had actually forgotten that Sam dies in this one!!!

          I LOVED John’s angry acceptance of this new reality. He was NOT happy that Mary’s prior life was a surprise, but he STILL wanted to draw a sigil; be useful; help with no questions asked. I really don’t see how fans can hate John!

          It was especially interesting to watch this episode while The Winchesters is currently airing new episodes. I do not know HOW they will make the story line of The Winchesters align with THIS!

          And this episode was just so complex and gut-wrenching and good. So many relationships…John and Mary, Sam and Dean, Dean and Anna, Anna and Cas, Cas and Sam and Dean, and they are ALL advanced (or ended in the case of Anna) in terms of story here. SO SO SO SO good.

          Compared to The Winchesters…there’s just no comparison.

          The scene where Sam tells John how much he loved and now understands his father is just MASTERFUL. Getting to tell the person about themselves, but they don’t know it…but it’s still so important to say…yet in the end, as it often does not well for Sam and Dean, John and Mary’s memories are wiped and Mary won’t remember the “don’t go into the nursery” warning (though Dean also warned her of that the first time he went back in time…does this memory wipe erase that too?) and John won’t remember Sam telling him how he feels. It was probably still good for Sam to say it, but knowing that it ultimately meant nothing to John is hard!

          The enthusiasm with which Dean embraces the idea of him and Sam “never existing” is heartbreaking too. I get that never existing is better than going through dying now…with the same result…Sam and Dean are no longer around to be inhabited by Michael and Lucifer. And I guess it’s very self-sacrificing of them for the greater good of the world, but it’s so sad that they are both immediately okay with that idea!

          I did wonder how Dean could exist in two places at once…there back in time AND as an embryo inside Mary.

          I had forgotten that Uriel was somewhat resurrected for this episode! That was a fun sidebar touch.

          This part of Supernatural is also PEAK Castiel character. He’s so perfect. Showing up a few inches from someone…being so matter-of-fact about everything. I just love Cas as he is written in season 5!

          A seriously excellent, complex, emotional, layer episode. Near-perfect.

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      Let’s all talk about The Song Remains the Same (S5 E13)

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