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    • journalbookbinder
        June 23, 2023 at 3:09 pm #62350

        I do not remember what this one is about. Guess I’ll find out!

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      • PigNaPoke
          June 23, 2023 at 3:09 pm #63846

          I always liked this episode. I thought it was inventive to bring in a classic bible artifact in such a way.

          It is TRULY GORY! Great make up effects on all the different plagues.

          AAAWWW, Dean missing Lisa. Nice intro with them waking up together, even if just a dream.

          And the following montage showing the difference between Dean’s and Sam’s morning routine is hilarious.

          Also, HHHHMMM, HHMM, HHMM! SAAAAAMMMM! One FINE looking man. Sorry. Done now.

          I remember watching it the first time and thinking that it’s odd Sam would pick up a prostitute (even a classy one) when he was always the one looking for more connection to his sex partners.

          BOB SINGER cameo! HA.

          The interactions between Sam and Dean in this one are great to watch. The car stuff is funny. Dean does looks constantly slightly taken aback at Sam’s strange reactions, like when he kicks the door down at the cop’s house. And Dean has SO MANY fun one-liners in this episode.

          Overall lots of good dialogue. And, of course, CLASSIC lines like “My people skills are rusty” with too many inappropriate air quotes. HAHA.

          The young boy actor is really good! I do have to say, though, that I found it a bit of a misstep in the story that they go down the road with a serious racially motivated crime in this episode but then never give the kid or father any closure in the end.

          That was a BIG stunt with the angels jumping out the window and smashing Sam’s “plastic piece of crap” car!

          I also LOVE the way Cas just pops in and out and just goes about his business without ANY regard for any of the people around him, including Dean and Sam.

          The whole thing gives the viewer slight whiplash and keeps us on our toes. And I really like this harsher, scarier version of Cas. He is properly “angel-y” here. A being one SHOULD respect and even slightly fear.

          Sebastian Roche is fantastic as Balthazar! He plays the edge between honorable and despicable SO well. We get a lot of naughty, careless rogue angel vibes but then when we think he abandoned Cas to Raphael and curse him for it, he pops back in and we start to wonder if the bravado was all fake and he does still care what happens. Nice roller coaster.

          I believe this is the first time we hear about the value of a soul beyond being…well, a soul. Balthazar refers to it as power and basically a commodity with monetary value. Interesting new thought.

          How disquieting for Cas to find out that HE might be partially responsible for the chaos in heaven now because other angels use his rebellion as example to follow and break with the order! I feel bad for him.

          SOLID episode with new lore, interesting new characters, inching us closer to figuring out what’s wrong with Sam and OLD Cas back. Really enjoyed this one.

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        • journalbookbinder
            June 23, 2023 at 3:09 pm #64283

            Crap. I somehow skipped right over this one and went on to Weekend at Bobby’s. Will have to go back.

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          • journalbookbinder
              June 23, 2023 at 3:09 pm #64434

              No wonder I didn’t remember this episode, because it deals with something I started NOT caring about in this episode and continued NOT caring about for the REST OF THE SERIES. The civil war in heaven. WHO CARES????

              I mean, it’s kind of interesting as Sam and Dean learn (at breakneck speed in this one) that there are so many conniving players in heaven…that Bathalzar has essentially become an arms dealer to amass the power of human souls…but OH MY GOD DO I NOT CARE ABOUT THE ANGELS!!!!!!!

              I loved that they introduced Cas. But I did not love that they also had to bring with him the whole ‘effin’ “world” of heaven.

              It WAS funny how Cas was just zapping everywhere. And zapping Sam and Dean everywhere (apparently without any physical effects now!).

              I did not like this one

              Story too complex.

              Too many characters.

              Too little to do with Sam and Dean. I care about Sam and Dean. Not everyone else.

              It WAS an indicator (another one) that something was off with Sam that he’d be so carelessly dealing with a prostitute who seemed to be offering more and just threw her number away. That’s very not-Sam.

              It WAS enjoyable to watch Jensen in this one. He had so many reaction shots to Sam’s behavior that I did enjoy that.

              I never even realized that was Sam’s car the angels fell on!

              I do like this version of Cas.

              But I didn’t need this episode.

              I also have a bad attitude because I really did not like the continued lame heaven storylines in later seasons and this feels like the start of that.

              The only redeeming value it had for me was Dean trying to figure Sam out. He’s SURE Sam’s not right. And Sam’s playing it off and Dean’s just getting more and more suspicious.

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