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        April 23, 2023 at 3:06 pm #52134


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      • PigNaPoke
          April 23, 2023 at 3:06 pm #61731

          Poor Dean. The amount of shit he has to deal with right at the beginning. His exasperation over Sam’s idea to jump into the cage. And that Bobby knew about that. And then finding out that Cas is out for the count right on the heels of that. Anyone else would crawl under the desk and start drinking. Of course, Dean drinks AND keeps fighting. 🙂

          The phone conversation with HUMAN Cas in the hospital is HILARIOUS.

          Glorious surveillance…lol…funny to see the boring side of hunting on occasion. I liked the static effect on the screens to disguise Pestilence!

          I do have a hard time with all the sickness scenes, though, so I forward through those. YUCK. The actor is great, though.

          I always forget that CAS is the one that actually overpowers Pestilence and cuts the finger off. Yay, Cas!


          LOVE Crowley in this episode. He is at his most snarky and petulant. HEHE. SO MANY good one liners!

          The conversation about the Crowley/Bobby kiss didn’t age well with Bobby being SO outraged over the kiss, BUT I still love that Crowley actually took a picture.

          Never noticed the UGLY shirt Sam’s wearing when he has the talk with Dean in the garage. It has glowy red snaps and some weird flower pattern.  Yikes.


          I love the scene where Crowley gives Bobby the use of his legs back. There is so much tension at first and they’re all stuck in such dire outlook of the future, but in that one tiny moment Sam, Dean and Bobby all look SO HAPPY and awestruck – it’s lovely.


          Any scene EVER with Julian Riching’s Death in it are favorites of mine! He is soooo dammed great and the way he and Jensen play off each other is such a treat to watch. It all starts with the pizzeria scene in this episode, of course, and sets the tone perfectly for their later “relationship”. Dean never loses his respect and slight fear over dealing with DEATH while at the same time trying to keep his bravado showing. It’s delicious to watch Jensen bring that to life so convincingly. Through HIS reaction we are never left forgetting how powerful Death really is.

          One of my favorite Bobby lines ever is also in this episode “Highkicks – Fair. Boobs need work.” HAHA

          The last line of the episode is stupid….”What are you afraid of, Dean? Losing or losing your brother?” Well. DUH. Whaddaya think?


          Anyhow. GREAT episode otherwise.


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