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    • journalbookbinder
        June 23, 2023 at 3:11 pm #62351

        Jensen’s debut as a director! This one is AMAZING. I love having more Jim Beaver and it’s sweet and funny and sad. Can’t wait to watch it again. And we get more Rufus!

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      • PigNaPoke
          June 23, 2023 at 3:11 pm #63845

          What FANTASTIC episode. And what’s NOT to love? Bobby centered storyline, Rufus and Jody are back, funny neighbor, interesting monster….It’s just perfect.

          First time for Jensen to direct and he did GREAT with a really complex story involving lots of characters and different locations. That was not an easy episode to direct.

          First time we hear Garth’s name and immediately get a sense of his character. I always wondered if it was a throw away line here or if they had Garth already in mind to come in as a real character later?

          We find out so much new info in this episode, too:

          • Crowley’s real name
          • Why he sold his soul. (hehe – double digits are a thing)
          • That he doesn’t see eye to eye with this son
          • Crowley’s Scotch preference
          • Rufus REALLY being an Scotch expert – not just JWB lover. HA
          • The fact that you can control a demon’s fate if you get a hold of its bones.
          • That monsters are “being weird” in the world.
          • First time Crowley calls Sam “moose”.

          And probably most importantly – HOW MUCH Bobby does for the entire Hunting community. He is one busy guy, never stopping to provide support for everyone else! And seriously stressed out. And has pretty shitty luck. And never gets to eat the delicious looking cobbler. HA.

          The entire episode is strung together so brilliantly, keeping a sense of urgency all the way through with out losing the humor, I never ever get tired rewatching it. It’s just a freaking delight.

          Great to see more of Jody and find out that in the end, she WILL put her career on the line to help. Right there, she became part of the family to me.

          I could watch HOURS of Bobby and Rufus bantering grumpily with each other. It’s everything. So glad we got a good dose of it here.

          I also very much appreciate how Sam and Dean drop everything and go to Scotland when Bobby finally does ask them for help. I mean, for Dean to get on a flight to SCOTLAND…clear sign he loves the guy.

          THAT’S really the message of the episode to me. Bobby is hugely important in the Hunting world, but he also has a great bunch of people close to him that will risk career, prison, life to help him at a drop of a hat.  It’s a HARD life, but he is LOVED and RESPECTED and not alone in it.

          Yup, love it and will watch it again…now.

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        • journalbookbinder
            June 23, 2023 at 3:11 pm #64285

            This is one of the few I have rewatched several times. I just love it and it shows Jim Beaver could totally carry a show. Sam and Dean are side notes here, but I love the way they used them (by phone). Love Bobby setting them straight about always needing him and never thinking about what HE needs! It felt very much like a father talking to his sons and I loved that. It was a bit funny to have that CGI Scotland at the end, but of course they had to do that to fit the story (and at least had Sam and Dean driving on the wrong side of the road and talking about Dean’s fear of flying to get over there). Also fun that Crowley was talking to Bobby, then there in the graveyard with Sam and Dean in the blink of eye.

            Rufus and Bobby are THE BEST. They mercilessly tease and poke at each other…but when push comes to shove, Rufus is there to put his neck on the line to get the ring for Bobby. I loved that part. Kind of like Bobby’s relationship with Sam and Dean (loving but cantankerous) – he has a similar relationship with Rufus. They know they can count on each other. Steven Williams just looks like he’s having the time of his life playing Rufus with all the comedy. When Bobby says he hoped Rufus washed the ring really well and Rufus gives him the, “What?!” Love that.

            I too thought that for a first-time director, Jensen had to “block” a lot of shots! Many different angles and setting here…indoor and outdoor and all over the place! Effects with the wood chipper; all of it.

            Yes, first time we hear Garth’s name and it already establishes his character. Really good.

            I loved seeing kind of a “day in the life” of Jody dealing with Bobby.

            Poor Bobby never getting to get the girl because his life is so weird. I loved it when he tells Jody he has a body in the basement AND one buried in the backyard!

            There WAS so much going on in this one, including the monster lore.

            One of my favorites.

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