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    • journalbookbinder
        July 5, 2023 at 5:20 pm #63864

        Ooooo….the Veritas episode. I remember this on first watch and thinking it was so brutal; the way Veritas made Sam and Dean say what was really in their heads (especially Dean about Sam) – but I remember this as a good one.

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      • PigNaPoke
          July 5, 2023 at 5:20 pm #67302

          I often enjoy episodes that bring in Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons and this is no different.

          I find the storyline and set up very interesting and well done. ONE human dabbling selfishly in magic they have no business getting involved with and causing SO MUCH destruction in its wake. I also really liked the idea of a diety hiding in the news network to “speak truth to the masses”….HA! Good one….

          It’s definitely is a really dark episode between the many awful and sad secrets that spill out of people under the influence of Veritas and the agony Dean is going through with his mistrust in Sam AND the guilt over having treated Lisa and Ben poorly.

          It’s so tough to watch how the harsh truth from Lisa SLICES into Dean!!! UGH. That face he makes at the end of the phone conversation with Lisa seems to say “well, I knew it. It was too good to be true. Of course, I don’t deserve them.” And it’s KILLING me.

          Of course, the flip side of that is Bobby’s confessions about his passions! SO SO FUNNY and totally unexpected. I love that.

          Dean’s journey in this episode from pretty much ready to kill Sam, to a glimmer of hope that Sam can’t lie to him, back to absolute certainty that this is NOT Sam is damn ROUGH. Poor Dean and the constant whiplash he’s going through since Sam is back.

          I also found it deeply shocking that even when Sam finally DOES tell him the truth Dean beats him to a bloody pulp! And then we had to wait for a week what would happen!!

          There couldn’t have been a better way to show that Dean was DONE with the whole thing. Finally DONE with listening to one or another person’s reasonings without being able to be sure it IS the truth.  DONE with making excuses or keep clinging to hope it was him who misinterpreted the situation.

          Sam COST him Lisa and Ben! That’s just a fact. Of course not knowingly, but indirectly. And I can totally understand Dean’s reaction here at the end – as surprised as I was how LONG he kept beating Sam.

          Jared also did a GREAT job making us second guess alongside with Dean if Sam IS or ISN’T himself. He let little glimpses of a softer Sam show through, making us hope that he’ll finally get back to normal , but then he looked stone cold in other moments where we expect empathy. It’s disquieting and freaky.

          Very good episode with a surprise shocker of a cliff hanger at the end.

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      Let’s all talk about You Can’t Handle the Truth (S6 E6)

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