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    • journalbookbinder
        April 23, 2023 at 3:02 pm #52129

        The world of “other Gods” opens up! And thanks to the SPN Then and Now podcast, we know that a crew member sat on the white rented couch with an open pen in his pocket, leaving a permanent mark and forcing the production to buy the couch outright for about $15,000. Yikes.

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      • PigNaPoke
          April 23, 2023 at 3:02 pm #52176

          CRAP….ok, writing my review again….I typed it here and hit submit and it kicked me out. GRRR.


          I always LOVED this episode for the distinct SPN way to deal with the Judeo-Christian religion’s arrogance by throwing most other pantheons in the world at it! HA!

          Kali’s speech says it all and makes a brilliant point! Everyone else has been on this planet longer! There are BILLIONS of people believing in other religions! By those pure facts Christianity is NOT superior to any of the older religions.

          Of course, then we see that none of the other religions have it all figured out either. Their gods are just as flawed and vulnerable to human emotions like jealousy, power hunger, deceit, need for approval and so on and prone to bad decision making. Still, I appreciate the effort they put in to avert the apocalypse (and thank the writers for coming up with this).


          Really enjoyed the little montage giving us a quick clue as too how some of these gods are. I thought the guest actors chosen were very good and brought their roles to live convincingly. (Although, Odin REALLY ought to have only ONE eye! It’s important.)

          The actress playing Kali was appropriately cold and terrifying! Very scary.

          It’s also hilarious how she cuts down Dean’s advance without even looking and with only one word “NO”! Although…..judging by later action from Gabriel with her….maybe she’d found Dean very interesting if he’d not taken no for an answer. LOL.

          It’s sweet how Dean is hanging on to the believe that they cut a lucky break with this swanky and awesomely retro hotel for as long as he can while Sam is suspicious all along. I mean, who DOESN’T love a pie buffet and chocolates on your pillow? (“Please let it be tomato soup.” Hehe)

          Later, I LOVE Dean’s bravado in standing up to a room full of gods and the way we can clearly see how terrified Dean is to do it, but how he completely believes it’s the only way to at least try to get out of the mess. At the same time Sam gives him the gigantic eyeroll, but we also see with him that Sam’s scared for Dean. GREAT acting on both sides.


          There are a lot of fun twists and turns in this episode! Very enjoyable to watch, even for the umpteenth time.

          I think it’s one of RSJ’s best episodes! He really shows a lot of different layers to his character here. Love his snark, his confidence, his way to try to play both sides, but there are also softer moments when talking to Kali and later Lucifer. Really nice!

          The scenes between Gabriel and Lucifer are very impactful. Both actors must have had a blast playing these. I am STILL shocked every time that Lucifer DOES kill Gabriel in the end.

          Lucifer’s entrance is great, brutal and indifferent, and although I don’t like that Lucifer is automatically more powerful than all the older gods, I can understand that it would be the case on U.S. territory where Christianity reigns (as misguided as it so often is).


          I also always loved that the big reveal regarding the Horsemen’s rings and Lucifer’s cage is delivered by Gabriel inside the Casa Erotica video!! How very appropriate for the Loki personality of Gabriel and a brilliant way to make sure Dean actually listens.


          I have to admit that I never watch the very end of this episode anymore! Pestilence’s arrival on the scene and his contamination of the gas station is JUST TOO GROSS for me.



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      Let’s all talk bbout Hammer of the Gods (S5 E19)

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