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      November 20, 2020 at 10:32 am #3498

      I loved them thanking us at the end. And the drone shot of the whole crew. It’s always felt like a family and it really continues to feel that way – more than ever.

        November 20, 2020 at 10:29 am #3497

        I disagree with the idea that Sam walked away from the bunker. To me, I felt he HAD to walk away right then. Living there without Dean was SO INCREDIBLY PAINFUL to watch. But he got a call on Dean’s old phone and it reminded him of his purpose. I think he left to do that hunt. To try to help someone to work through his grief. I know it appeared that he and his family lived in a totally different house (obviously not the bunker), but Sam’s son was also obviously a hunter with the anti-possession tattoo OR at least Sam had to tell him enough about hunting to understand why he had to get that tattoo. I took that as his son being SOME kind of hunter or at least knowledgeable. In my mind, the bunker became a resource. In my mind, it wasn’t that Sam never went back, it’s that he could not live there without Dean.

          November 20, 2020 at 10:22 am #3495

          The thought crossed my mind…though Sam and Dean are human, were they trying to say that they only STAYED alive through all those earlier extraordinary circumstances because God made sure they did? Without God (even an evil God), they are now extra-human and can die in a regular fight in spite of their skills? I have to admit I DID want Dean to be more superhero, but that’s not what Supernatural has tried to convey over the years.

            November 20, 2020 at 10:20 am #3493

            Okay. I have more thoughts the next morning. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, then couldn’t stay asleep, and when I was asleep I had a horrible dream that my best friends had died and I was now all alone like Sam. I was very glad to wake up from that dream.

            Yup, it totally got to me.

            So I got up, went for a long walk, then, since I was alone in the house, I turned the sound way up and re-watched Dean’s death, then Sam’s death, then them meeting up in heaven so I could hear everything perfectly.

            I think the ending was good. If SAM had died, Dean would been undone or suicidal, I think. He would have become, I think, harder or more self-destructive. I think about Jensen’s original imagined/dreamed ending where he meets a stranger on a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere and hands him the keys to the Impala and he takes the bike; because Sam’s gone and he doesn’t need a car with a passenger seat. I think that would have been more cruel for Dean; to live without Sam. While Dean did not go out in a blaze of glory, he DID go down swinging. He went down fighting. With Sam. And Sam was with him when he died; he got to say what was most important to say. So, that’s a lot for Dean to get – that felt like he had that part of things the way he needed them. Time to tell Sam what he needed to tell him. Sam with him and telling him what he needed to hear too.

            Dean died happier knowing Sam was NOT dying. He would always rather he die than Sam.

            It was not fair for Sam. But he did get more experiences, and a son, and got to be a better father than his own father. And Sam did not have to die alone either – he was with his son who obviously loved him. The parallel tears when Dean died, then Sam years later was just gut wrenching. Someone on Twitter also pointed out that Sam was wearing Dean’s watch when he died.

            And when they met up in heaven, Dean just looked satisfied. Like all was right again. That was good. Was that version of Carry On Briana’s version? It was so incredibly beautiful and so perfect for the very end. We got the rock version with Dean driving; then that one when they were reunited (and during Sam’s death). It was just so freakin’ beautiful.

            Last night I was unhappy that Dean did not die saving Sam or in some huge blaze of glory, but he did get the heaven he deserved, one that an entity HE HELPED RAISE set up to be better than anything that came before. The song was beautiful. The setting (heaven) was beautiful. That all felt very right to me. Though I wanted his death to be more “important”, when I think about it, he had NOTHING left to prove as Dean has sacrificed himself so many different ways for so many different people over the years.

            So I watched it again (just those few parts) and cried my eyes out and took a shower and cried my eyes out and hope that now that I’m at work I won’t keep crying my eyes out. I’ve always loved Supernatural for being funny and tragic. Like Mystery Spot. It was both here (only a tiny bit of “funny” at the start).

            I cannot hate Andrew Dabb for that ending. It was too beautiful.

            My own love for Sam and Dean makes me so sad but they are not superhuman. They were going to have to die someday and some way. When I think about what DEAN would want…well, I can see this as one version of something Dean would want or expect for himself.

            And Sam got to pass on their knowledge to his son who was obviously some sort of hunter with the tattoo. If they had both died at once, that (except for whatever they’d written down) would have been lost.

            I called the Roadhouse in heaven thing long ago. I feel somewhat vindicated there…I had said awhile back that they would die and walk into the Roadhouse and everyone would be there. That WOULD have been an even less painful ending, but it was very powerful (and, probably better in the end) to have just the two of them. It helped soften things to have Bobby there. I’m glad they went to the trouble of getting him and quarantining him for just a few minutes of screen time.

            The dog should have shown up in heaven long before Sam – like, Dean should have slowed down and picked it up on the side of the road at some point in his split-second 40-year drive.

            What does everyone think about the masked vampires? I honestly thought they did that so that some poor actor with a face did not get all the hate for being the one who killed Dean Winchester. We’ve never seen vampires wearing masks before – some kind of weird vampire sect? They were recorded way back in John’s journal. SPN vampires have never worn masks – ever. I thought they kind of got in the way. PigNaPoke said perhaps that was supposed to be the stand-in suggesting that any faceless monster (any type of monster) could have been the one to kill Dean and this was how his end would go no matter what killed him.

            For God’s sake, everyone, if you have a piece of sharp rebar sticking out of a post at chest or waist level, go take that shit down today!

            I love this show. I love this family. I loved their thank-you at the end. This ending did not destroy any of that. I’m very very very sad it’s over. It will take me some time to be okay and not think, every time I watch an episode “Dean dies and leaves Sam alone” – but I’m sure I’ll get to a point where I won’t think that.

            I wonder if Jensen was just unhappy with Dean dying because he wanted them to be able to come back, or if there were other reasons when he initially read the script? Maybe he’ll talk about it someday. He’s usually pretty honest; like about how he hated the Lucifer showdown season finale when it LOOKED like they were flying around on strings.

            I WILL say it greatly affected me.

              November 19, 2020 at 11:23 pm #3484

              I agree with a lot of what you said Shannon.

                November 19, 2020 at 11:16 pm #3482

                Long ago, I said they’d die (I thought/hoped together) and they’d go to heaven TO THE ROADHOUSE and everyone they loved would be there to welcome them. Which would have been exactly what happened if not for covid.

                So in many ways it was exactly as I expected, not what I wanted, and beautifully executed. It was so beautifully done and acted that I cannot hate it.

                It did kill me that:

                Dean did not get more time to live life free from Chuck. That was wrong.

                Sam alone in the bunker made me nauseous. Thank God for the dog or I would have wanted to kill myself watching Sam sit alone in Dean’s room where it looked like he’d come back any minute or cooking breakfast alone where the toaster made him flinch.

                After everything, Samm just let Dean go. Are we to believe Sam learned his lesson about making deals, finally? But after ALL they’ve gone through, this felt like Dean survived the war only to be killed in a minor car crash – a run-of-the-mill hunt.

                Sam holding the Impala steering wheel like he could FEEL Dean driving in heaven was so painful and beautiful but the makeup (or lack thereof) there was so bad – a cardigan and a wig??? – that it took me out of the scene a bit.

                AT LEAST Dean didn’t have to do anything but go for a drive, because time is weird in heaven, before Sam lived 50 more years and showed up.

                It felt wrong to me to separate them for that long because, I agree with Kate, that Sam’s life would never have been truly happy without Dean.

                What did Sam die of in the end?

                I know that, realistically, Supernatural is not going to give us a happy ending. I know that. But am emotionally very not okay with Dean dying young after ALL he’s given, though my wife said it had to be that way because Dean would want Sam to go on and have a chance – but he did not even die FOR Sam. I have a problem that he died pretty much by accident.

                  November 12, 2020 at 10:23 pm #3401

                  I do like Jack as God, and WAS a little touched at how reluctant Sam and Dean were to let go of him.

                  I missed the FBBC beer!!!!

                  Amara said she wanted to get to know Jack when this is all over. Now she’s part of him.

                  I want them to keep the dog.

                  I am very very afraid they’ll die next week. Bobby’s voice saying “see you on the other side” in next week’s preview put the fear in me as did the fact that this week was not particularly emotional for me and we’ve been told we’ll need every tissue in the world.

                    November 12, 2020 at 9:48 pm #3396

                    Going to write this before I read comments. My main feeling at the end of tonight’s was “okay, that did not suck”. Now, I am grading it on a not-so-great-season-15 curve and considering it was written by Brad & Eugenie when I say that.

                    I did not like:

                    The appearance of Lucifer (and teasing Cas fans right before). The final TRUE end of Lucifer and Michael in one episode felt crammed in. (But damn do I love Jake Abel’s acting!!!).

                    That I did not FEEL this. It definitely kept my interest the whole way – MUCH more than last week – but it did not make me feel. I cried back when Metatron killed Dean, felt euphoric when Dean killed Zachariah – I felt no strong emotions here.

                    Sam and Dean did not hug when they reunited at the start.

                    I hated the use of Running on Empty when they WON and it should have been MUCH more kick ass like Back in Black.

                    I and many others long ago predicted that Jack would become God. So that was almost expected.

                    The montages of locations around the world being repopulated were too long.

                    The fight scene with Chuck and Chuck repeating the same lines over and over (“guys, give up”) went on way too long.

                    The flashbacks explanation of everything we just saw AND UNDERSTOOD was insulting. Aside from explaining that Jack was acting as a cosmic energy Hoover all along.

                    The names on the table should stay only initials! J.K. and I think it would have been pretty touching if they’d made Cas a Winchester and carved C.W. (bonus network name reference!)

                    Very much disliked the time filler montage parade of characters which I guess was to illustrate “all we’ve lost” but it would have been more effective to me if they’d ended with the toast in the bunker and maybe the shots of them driving in the Impala.

                    I liked:

                    That they won.

                    That they outsmarted God and all the archangels.

                    That Dean got himself a beer at the bar when they were the only humans on earth.

                    That they laughed at God’s plan.

                    That Jared and Jensen were not at all shaky in the roles after a 6 month hiatus.

                    That the bunker survived.

                    That Jack has a good heart and basically said our godliness resides in ourselves.

                      November 10, 2020 at 12:44 pm #3376

                      Shannon – hello!

                      YES! To me, Cas learned from Dean what it is to be human and that DEAN is an exceptional human being, devoted to and self-sacrificing for those he loves. Watching Dean, Cas learned what love is through the way Dean shows HIS love for other people. I just do not see this as a romantic declaration (though both Misha and Robert Berens have said they saw it that way). I see it as kind of a revelation before his (Cas’) end. A revelation that maybe makes Cas feel that he learned what he set out to learn and so therefore accomplished what he most wanted to accomplish. THAT is lovely and that would have been a great way for Cas to go out! Telling Dean all the things Dean needs to hear about himself, why he’s truly an exceptionally good person, and then shoving Dean out of the way, thereby saving him, so Cas could sacrifice himself for the human who taught him the good parts of humanity. Done! Lovely! Why did it have to be more??? And I have to say that Cas acting THAT emotional, to me, was all Misha; it’s like Cas had already left the building. It felt very out of character for me. If Cas has delivered those same lines in character, it would have been MUCH more impactful for me.

                      Now, answer the damn phone, Dean (I second that!).

                        November 6, 2020 at 1:03 pm #3305

                        Yes Kate! The more we learn about The Empty, the more irrelevant it becomes. Also loved your summary of the misdirectios for this season – so many it makes my head spin and totally annoys me! You nailed it!

                        PNaP – I also wondered if that was one of Jensen’s objections. I don’t think he’d be all about the fan service!

                          November 6, 2020 at 7:13 am #3295

                          I have never been on board with The Empty but it would have been scarier if you truly couldn’t escape. And Jack was there and back in one episode last night! So what’s the threat?!

                          Also, the fans who see Cas’ love for Dean as romantic seem very happy that he got to get his feelings out in the open. But even if you see it that way, this great love is unrequited and that’s sad and not a great message in my mind. Say your truth just before you die/disappear when nothing more can be done?

                          And I too, like some others on Twitter, was upset Dean didn’t answer Sam’s call. I guess the implication was that he was too devastated over Cas, but it’s SAM in a very dire situation out there with Jack with only plans that might work (and didn’t). Dean has always put Sam first, even ahead of his own feelings. He would have answered.

                          In some weird way were the writers trying to say they’ve both lost their love interests now????

                            November 5, 2020 at 11:17 pm #3289

                            Yes! Leave Billie and the stupid Empty out of it! God and Amara are plenty to deal with!!!! This side story is not an interesting twist! It’s distracting from what could be amazing!

                              November 5, 2020 at 11:15 pm #3288

                              My device won’t let me spell
                              s i g i l without autocorrecting!

                                November 5, 2020 at 11:02 pm #3282

                                Hey, Cas used DEAN’S KNIFE to cut his hand for the singular. Dean’s Kershaw knife will be there to the end!!!!

                                  November 5, 2020 at 10:59 pm #3279

                                  It IS kind of sweet that those who love Cas and Dean/Cas seem to be so happy about Cas’ speech that they are not sad about his end and I’m glad they aren’t destroyed.

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