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In a sad room in an abandoned house Dean is standing watching over Sam’s corpse. Bobby enters with food, but Dean refuses and becomes testy when Bobby forces the issue. An argument ensues about Sam’s body, as they’re going to bury the body. Eventually Dean yells at Bobby to leave, not caring that the world could end. Bobby looks scared, and Dean apologizes but Bobby does leave him alone with Sam.

Out in the woods, the Yellow Eyed Demon appears to Jake who is hiding out in the woods. He tells Jake that he’s the chosen one, even though in truth hewasn'texpecting Jake to win. Jake tells him to go to hell, but the YED tells Jake that he can go, but threatens his family if he does.

Back in the motel, Dean is talking to Sam’s corpse, reminiscing about their childhood and about how his only job was to keep Sam safe and that he’d failed at that. He starts to cry and asks Sam what he’s supposed to do now. Dean drives the Impala out to what turns out to be a crossroads and buries the box with his picture in, waiting for the demon to show. A young woman appears, eyes flashing red and she revels in Dean’s pain for a moment. He tries to make a deal with her. Sam’s life and 10 years for Dean’s soul. But the demon claims that Dean’s soul is tainted, and that even five years is too much. She walks away and Dean practically begs. They make a deal but for only one year, with a stipulation that if Dean tries to get out of it Sam still dies.

While Dean and the demon kiss to seal the deal, Sam wakes back up in the motel room. He’s checking out the stab marks in the mirror as Dean runs back in and pulls Sam into a hug. Sam asks what happened to him, and Dean tells him that Jake stabbed him and that Bobby patched him up. Samdoesn'treally believe him and wants to know how both he and Jake got away even though the demon said that only one of the ‘children’ could get away. Dean wants Sam to rest a little, but Sam wants to get back out into the fight, head to the Roadhouse. Dean explains that Ash had found something, but that the Roadhouse burned and Bobby is trying to discover what Ash knew.

Against Dean’s wishes, Sam insists that they head to Bobby’s. When they get there, Bobby looks surprised at Sam and there’s an awkward exchange which Dean tries to smooth over. Bobby shows them his research. Demonic omens have skyrocketed everywhere, except for an area in southern Wyoming and the demons are surrounding it. Bobby gets Dean alone and yells at him. He works out that Dean made a deal and berates him for ‘throwing himself down the pit’. Dean begs him not to tell Sam what he did, and they’re interrupted by a noise. Stopping the stranger, they find out it’s Ellen. Inside, Bobby makes her drink a shot of Holy Water to prove she’s not possessed and Ellen tells them that Ash called her and told her there was something in the safe. It turns out to be a map showing the same thing Bobby had discovered. Research tells them that the ‘demon-killing, gun-making’ Samuel Colt made a 100 mile Devil’s Trap using iron railroad tracks. The demons are circling it but can’t get in, though Dean reckons that they’re aiming for the cemetery in the middle of the area.

Sam realizes that the YED needed one of his ‘children’ to go in for him. On the edge of the railroad tracks, Jake gets out of a car and meets the YED, who gives them the Colt as a ‘key’ to something in the cemetery. Learning that the gun could killed the YED Jake aims it at them. The YED isn’t shocked and mentions Jake’s family again, promising them all riches and health if Jake does this one favor for him. Eventually Jake believes him and agrees, putting the gun down. As Jake enters the cemetery, Dean, Sam, Ellen and Bobby confront him with guns. Jake looks at Sam as if he’s seen a ghost, telling him that Jake had killed him, cutting through his spinal cord. Sam is suspicious and turns his gaze to Dean. Bobby threatens Jake, but Jake has learned a trick or two from Andy and gets Ellen to point her gun at her own head. Even though Ellen tells them to fire, all of the hunters drop their guns, allowing Jake to put the Colt into the lock of the door and set it in motion. While he does, Sam grabs his gun and shoots Jake even as he begs for his life.

But they’re too late and the door opens, which Bobby recognizes as the door to hell, and the hunters dive for cover. The door is a Devil’s Gate and demons start pouring out of it as the hunters struggle to close it. The YED turns up, stealing the gun from Dean and throwing his across the cemetery. Sam notices the YED advancing on Dean and runs to help him but is held up against a tree. The YED holds Dean down and taunts him, thanking him from bringing Sam back (because he liked Sam better than Jake). He asks Dean if what he is certain that what came back was 100% Sam. The YED stands back to shoot Dean, but a figure comes up behind him and stops the YED. It’s John Winchester and he fights the demon, giving Dean the chance to grab the Colt and kill him, while Bobby and Ellen finally managed to get the door closed.

Dean stands up and approaches John, who rests a hand on his shoulder and smiles at both Sam and Dean before disappearing in a ball of light. Both Dean and Sam go to stand over the YED’s body, a little uncertain as to how John had managed to climb out of hell. Neither of them can believe that the whole fight they’ve been in their whole lives is finally over.

Heading back to the car, Sam confronts Dean about what Jake had said. Sam has worked out that Dean sacrificed his soul for him even though Dean refuses to admit it. Dean tells him that he only got one year. Sam starts to get angry, but Dean tells him that it’s his job to look after him. Sam promises that he’s going to get Dean out of it and save his ass for a change. Bobby and Ellen join them and they estimate that more than a hundred demons managed to escape and Dean reminds them all that, “We’ve got work to do.”

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