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HellmouthAs we left off last season, a Hellmouth is opening in the convent, about to release the Devil. Dean and Sam are overcome by a bright light and then suddenly find themselves sitting on a commercial plane, surrounded by normal passengers going about their business. The two are puzzled as to what just happened and the plane’s pilot lets everyone know they are almost at their destination.

Then, a hole opens on the ground, shooting a bright light into the sky, which stuns the pilot and causes major turbulence. This was the same Hellmouth the boys were just standing in front of. Someone or something pulled them out and saved them. As oxygen masks drop, panic ensues. Dean, alarmed and confused, looks out the plane’s window with a big stare.

[Title Screen Appears]

Dean and Sam are driving down a dark road, flipping through radio stations. Apparently, the plane landed safely. What they hear on the radio is nothing but reports about natural disasters and epidemics. (The swine flu gets a shout out here.) They look at each other nervously and knowingly. Bad mojo is afoot and it’s affecting everyone.

Sam wants to talk about the events that led up to now, but Dean just wants to hash out the facts and not deal with his emotions. “First things first -- how did we end up on soul plane?” asks Dean. Then, he decides that the two need to find Castiel.

The brothers arrive at Cas’ place to find it ransacked. Chairs are overturned, dishes are broken and there is blood on the floor. They carefully examine the scene when Chuck jumps out of nowhere and takes a swing at Sam. He didn’t know it was them and is relieved to see Sam, as his last vision showed Sam to be “full on Vader.” Dean is less than pleased to learn that his brother’s eyes were black. Black eyes are bad.

Where is Cas, Dean wonders? Chuck says he’s gone, as the archangels “smoked the crap out of him.” The brothers are upset but not convinced Cas is dead. Chuck reassures them that Cas “exploded.” Chuck then pulls a bloody molar out of his hair. He’s had a bad day.

ZachariahSuddenly, Zachariah appears, which pisses Dean off. He accuses them of “jumpstarting Judgement Day.” Zachariah says they did let it happen, but didn’t start anything. He says that Dean had a chance to stop his brother, but he didn’t. It doesn’t matter who started it, the end is nigh and Zachariah wants them all to work together to kill Lucifer.

It turns out that Lucifer needs a vessel, just like any other angel. Zachariah thinks Dean can stop Lucifer, but he’s going to need help. Dean cuts him short and sends Zachariah back where he came from. Dean and Sam will work alone to hunt down Lucifer.

Meanwhile, in a small Delaware town, a man comes home on a spooky night to find his front gate slamming shut over and over. He shrugs, goes inside, and wakes up later to find blood and guts under the sheets with him in bed! Panicked, he jumps up to turn on the lights. All the blood is gone. He goes back to bed, clearly distraught. Then, a dead lady appears to tell him he is “special” and “chosen.”

[Commercial Break]

We are suddenly in the bedroom of Becky, devoted Dean and Sam fangirl. She is feverishly writing some steamy slash fiction and is (thankfully) interrupted by a video from Chuck. She is beside herself, as he is her favorite author. He tells her he needs her help, as he’s being watched. He also tells her that Sam and Dean are real and he needs to get a message to them. “I knew it!” she exclaims.

Becky finds Sam and Dean at a motel. She is very happy to see Sam, but Dean isn’t quite how she imagined. Burn. She tells them that archangel Michael’s sword is on Earth, located in a castle on a hill made of 42 dogs. Then, she feels Sam’s pecs.

Bobby Schools the Boys on Micheal's SwordAfter fangirl Becky leaves, Bobby rolls up, ready to help out. Bobby pulls out some books and tells them more about Michael’s sword. Dean thinks Michael looks like Cate Blanchett, but Bobby assures him he can kick serious ass. He threw Lucifer out of Heaven, after all… with the sword they are going to find.

Sam is troubled by everything. He killed Lilith, breaking the final seal and setting Lucifer free. This is all his fault. Bobby is a bit peeved at Sam for kick starting Armageddon. When all of this is over, Bobby tells him, they are no longer friends. Later, Bobby tells Dean that Daddy Winchester was right about Sam. This prompts Dean to find a business card for a storage locker of his dad’s.

The card reads, “Castle Storage, 42 Rover Hill.” They just figured out where Michael’s sword is. Yay! Oh no, don’t celebrate. Bobby then proceeds to kick Dean’s ass, then Bobby’s eyes turn black.

[Commercial Break]

Bobby picks up Dean and in walks another man and woman. This woman is Meg in a new form. She gives a knife to Bobby and tells him to kill Dean. Instead, Bobby stabs himself instead and the demon leaves his body. Sam enters the room and gets his butt kicked by Meg. When Dean comes at Meg, she leaves her host body and flies away.

We’re now back in Delaware, with the distraught man from earlier. He starts hearing a baby cry. When he runs upstairs to find a crib that is empty, he starts to leave again. Then, blood starts pouring out of the crib. This upsets him even further, then the blood disappears.

Sam and Dean rush Bobby into an ER, then bail so they can get to Micheal’s sword before anyone else. They arrive at Castle Storage and open up their dad’s locker. Inside are several dead bodies. Zachariah is also there. The bodies belong to demons he and the angels just killed. He says that none of them could find Michael’s sword.

Archangel Micheal“Well, we don’t have it,” says Dean. Zachariah replies, “It’s you, chucklehead. You’re the Michael sword.” Dean is going to be a vessel for Micheal. Of course, he has to give permission first. He’s hesitant – “eat me.” Zachariah breaks Sam’s legs, then gives Dean stage 4 stomach cancer. Dean still resists.

Zachariah takes away Sam’s lungs. The brothers are lying on the ground, being tortured. Out of nowhere, Castiel appears. Cas tells Zachariah to get lost and then heals the boys. He carves a special symbol into their ribs to hide them from all angels, including Lucifer. The boys ask him how he made it back after dying, but Cas disappears.

Back in Delaware, the distraught man is revealed to be named Nick. His dead wife appears before him, telling him she is actually an angel named Lucifer. He thinks he’s just drunk. She tells him he is a powerful vessel and that he needs to let Lucifer take over him. He wants to “wake up,” as he thinks he’s having a nightmare.

She goes on to reveal that Nick’s family was murdered by someone who broke into the home. She tells him that God allowed that to happen and she wants to get back at Him. He asks if Lucifer can bring back his family. She says no, but she can give him the next best thing – justice. He agrees and his house is filled with light.

[Commercial Break]

Back at the hospital, Bobby is screaming at a doctor to let him out. Sam and Dean are there. Dean says he will kill Lucifer and even Micheal if he has to. He wants the demons and angels to get off the planet and leave the humans alone. He will do this, armed only with his “GED and a give ‘em Hell attitude.” Before the boys leave, Bobby tells Sam that it was only the demon talking earlier when he was being mean.

Leaving the hospital, Dean says he was just being positive for Bobby’s sake. Dean doesn’t think they have a chance to succeed. He then tells Sam that he’s pissed off that Sam chose a demon over his brother. Dean cries a bit and tells him he’s having trouble forgiving. He can’t trust Sam.

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