The Special Kids

Powers:- Believing, good at staying up all night

Episodes:- All of them
samSam Winchester

Powers:- Visions, telekinesis, immune to Lilith's killing power
Episodes:- All of them.

The Special Kids - Supernatural WikiMax Miller

Powers:- Telekinesis
Episodes:- Nightmare


Powers:- Doesn't cry.
Episodes:- Salvation

The Special Kids - Supernatural WikiAndy Gallagher

Powers:- the power of suggestion (mind control)
Episodes:- Simon Said, All Hell breaks loose part I

ansenAnsen Weems

Powers:- Mind control
Episodes:- Simon Said

scottScot Carey

Powers:- Electrocution
Episodes:- Hunted


Powers: Visions, controls demons.
Episodes:- Hunted, All Hell Breaks Loose part I


Powers:- Makes peoples hearts stop by touch.
Episodes:- All Hell breaks Loose Part I

JakeJake Talley

Powers:- Super strength
Episodes:- All hell breaks loose part I & II

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