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Dean’s driving the Impala, with new plates (CNK 80Q3) when Sam calls to tell him that there’s a police car outside of their motel. It turns out to be a false alarm and the conversation turns to their latest hunt. They now think that they’re looking for Djinn. Djinns typically hide in old abandoned buildings with more places to hide. Dean reckons he spotted a place like that, and decides to check it out, even though Sam wants them to do it together. Whilst he searches the building, something follows Dean and ambushes him. Dean drops the knife as the Djinns hand starts to glow and rests on his forehead.

An old horror film is playing on the TV as Dean bolts awake in a bed, with a woman beside him. He dresses and heads out into the lounge of this apartment before calling Sam, who seems surprised to hear for him. Dean tries to explain that the Djinn attacked him, but Sam thinks he talking about gin and tells him to go back to Carmen (the woman) and hangs up. Sam is reading a criminal law textbook. Confused Dean starts flipping through a pile of mail, addressed to Dean Winchester and Carmen Porter to a house in Lawrence. Carmen comes out of the bedroom and asks him to come back to bed. On the shelves and cabinets there are various photos and as Dean reaches one, he looks shocked and drops it, running out of the door.

The Impala pulls up outside another house in Lawrence and Dean gets out, banging on the door. It opens to reveal Mary Winchester. She invites Dean in saying that Carmen called her. Dean asks her what she told him when she used to put him to bed. Satisfied with the answer Dean grabs his mother into a hug. Dean starts looking at the photos of the Winchesters, and asks whether there ever was a fire in the house. After asking a few more questions, Dean finds out that John is still dead in this reality, but it was a stroke that killed him. Mary accuses him of being drunk, and Dean asks to be allowed to stay for the night.

The next morning, Dean wakes up and sees a photo of all the Winchesters at Christmas. Later Dean is talking to a professor of mythology and asking about the ability of Djinns to grant wishes. Djinns can alter reality past, present and future. Opening the boot of the Impala, none of the weapons are there. Dean spots a young girl in white across the road, who disappears when he tries to approach.

Back with Mary, Dean asks about Sam who should be arriving later, and Dean learns that this version of himself works at a garage. To Mary’s surprise, Dean asks if he can mow the lawn. Which he does grinning madly, and waving at neighbours. He’s finished and drinking a beer on the porch when a car pulls up and Sam gets out with Jess. Dean pulls Jess into a hug. They’ve just flown in from California for Mary’s birthday, which Dean had forgotten. That evening, Dean, Carmen, Sam, Jess and Mary are at a posh restaurant. Sam announces that he and Jess are getting married. Dean congratulates Sam and spots the girl in the corner of the room, but she’s gone again when he gets there. Dean wants to go out afterwards and celebrate, causing Sam to look uncomfortable and pull Dean to one side, asking him what’s got into him. It turns out that Sam and Dean barely talk outside of holidays and aren’t good friends because they have nothing in common.

Back home, Carmen offers Dean a beer and they talk, and Dean reckons he’s been given a second chance. They kiss but Carmen pulls off before it can turn into more because she’s got to go to work at the hospital for the night. Dean curls up watching TV, and flicks through the channels until he spots a memorial for a plane crash. Specifically, the plane crash that he and Sam stopped (Phatom Traveler). Doing some research, he discovers that all of the people he and Sam saved have died. Seeing something out of the corner of his eye, Dean goes to the closet and inside sees corpses hanging there, with the girl standing behind him.

Outside John’s grave, Dean pours out his emotions to his dead father. He wants to know why it’s their job to sacrifice everything, why they have to be some kind of hero. He leaves knowing that he has to go and hunt the Djinn. Sam wakes up hearing a noise and heads downstairs with a baseball bat, catching Dean stealing silverware. Dean lied and said that he owes a guy money, he apologises for the way things are between him and Sam before he leaves. Out in the car, Sam gets into the passenger seat and insists on coming with. Dean won’t tell Sam what’s in his bag, so Sam reaches in and pulls out a container of blood. Dean then explains that he needed a silver knife dipped in lamb’s blood to kill the Djinn. Sam thinks he’s crazy and tries to get Dean to stop the car.

To stop Sam for phoning for ‘help’ Dean throws Sam phone out of the Impala’s window. They pull up outside the original abandoned building in Illinois. Dean starts searching while Sam tries to convince them to go back. They find people tied up and hanging from the ceiling, some corpses with blood bags inserted into their necks. One of them is the girl Dean had been seeing. Hiding, the brothers see the Djinn come up to her and make her sleep again, before unhooking the catheter and drinking her blood. Once the Djinn leaves, Dean realises that he’s hanging up here somewhere too, and decides that the only way to wake up is to die in this universe. Sam starts to panic and wants them to get out of here.
All of the family from this universe appear to Dean just before he stabs himself. They all try and convince him to stay, pointing out that it’s everything he ever wanted and that even though it’s going to be a couple of days, it’ll feel like years. Sam even quotes Dean’s words to John’s grave back at him. Dean steps back, and apologises before stabbing himself in the stomach, waking up to find Sam shaking him as he hangs from the ceiling, tied up like the other Djinns victims. As Sam tries to cut him down, the Djinn reappears and attacks him. Dean manages to get himself free and kill the Djinn before he puts Sam under his spell.

Dean manages to find the girl and realises that she’s still alive and they cut her down.

Back in the motel, Dean spots Carmen in an advert in a magazine. Sam lets him know that the girl’s been stabilised. Dean tells Sam that his wish was for Mary not to die, so they never went hunting and they just never clicked. He also lets on that he wanted to stay. Sam tells Dean that it’s not fair, but it’s worth it for the lives that they save.

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