Good God Y’all Recap

Back to GOOD GOD Y’ALL The episode begins with Sam and Dean visiting Bobby in the hospital. Bobby isn’t recovering very quickly. Wheelchair-bound, he has sunk into a depression and won’t speak to the boys. Dean just came back from a radiologist and shows Sam some chest x-rays. Carved into his ribcage are special symbols….

Good God Y’all

Episode 503: Free to be You and Me GOOD GOD Y’ALL Episode 502 airdate: September 17, 2009 directed by: Philip Sgriccia written by: Sera Gamble At the hospital, Bobby figures Castiel will be able to heal him, but Cas confesses that he is cut off from heaven, and there are certain things he cannot do….

Good God Y’all Quotes

EPISODE 502: GOOD GOD Y’ALL Dean: (about Bobby) We gotta cheer him up. Maybe I’ll give him a back rub. Castiel: There is someone besides Michael strong enough to take on Lucifer. Strong enough to stop the Apocalypse. Sam: Who’s that? Castiel: The one who resurrected me and put you on that airplane. The one…

Good God Y’all Trivia

EPISODE 502: GOOD GOD Y’ALL Dean and War have met before … Jensen Ackles and Titus Welliver both starred in the 2001 TV movie Blonde, about the live of Marilyn Monroe. (Jensen played a character named Eddie G, and his best friend was named Cass!)   Back to: Season 5 Episodes spnfanforever Latest page update:…