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Bobby in the HospitalThe episode begins with Sam and Dean visiting Bobby in the hospital. Bobby isn’t recovering very quickly. Wheelchair-bound, he has sunk into a depression and won’t speak to the boys. Dean just came back from a radiologist and shows Sam some chest x-rays. Carved into his ribcage are special symbols. As we saw last week, Castiel magically did this to both brothers in order to hide them from angels.

Speaking of which, Sam’s cell phone suddenly rings and it’s Cas, asking where they are. Luckily, it isn’t anyone evil merely disguising their voice, as Sam readily gives Cas their exact location. (Caller ID, perhaps?) Cas rushes in and tells them all that he has been cut off from much of Heaven’s power. This means Cas can’t heal Bobby, which just bums out Bobby even more.
Cas Arrives at the Hospital
Cas has a plan to stop Lucifer, however. He thinks it’s unlikely the Winchesters can do it alone so he wants to find God for help. Dean thinks God is either dead or on a tropical vacation somewhere. They get into a theological argument, and then Cas points out that he killed some of his angel brothers and rebelled from Heaven just to help out the Winchesters, so they owe him some credit. Next, Cas asks Dean for his necklace, as it’s a special pendant that will help Cas find God.

Rufus Calls for ReinforcementsWe quickly go to Rufus, who is in the middle of a fight somewhere else. He calls Bobby on the phone, asking for help, as he’s up to his neck in demons. A small town in Colorado has become infested, so the boys head out to lend a hand. On their way, they come to a bridge that has been destroyed. The demons have the town in lockdown, so the boys head in on foot.

It looks like a ghost town when they arrive. They spot a red Mustang and some other cars that are overturned. There was obviously a bloody fight, but no one is around. Suddenly, Ellen appears and pulls a gun on the boys. She welcomes them into a church and asks them if they are really entering Armageddon. They say yes and are then taken to a room filled with the town’s few survivors.

Ellen says she came out to help Rufus, too, but she can’t find him. Her daughter Jo is also missing. She says she can’t get the townspeople to safety, as demons are everywhere. The boys decide to head to the town sporting goods store for weapons. Dean seems a bit reluctant to take Sam out amongst the demons, though. Once back in town, Sam first hits a grocery store to stock up on salt. Arriving in Town

While Sam is in the store, two demons in trucker hats walk in. Sam slays them both and is tempted to drink their blood, but doesn’t. Dean finds Sam surrounded by dead demons and gives him an oh-no-you-didn’t look.

Once back at the church, the boys are teaching the townspeople how to use guns. Most are completely new to it, but there is one soldier there. He says he served in Fallujah, Dean says he served in Hell. Sam and Dean get into a little scuffle because of the trust issue.

Next, Ellen and Sam head out on patrol and find a house with smoke coming out of the chimney. Sam says that demons don’t get cold, so it makes him wonder what they are burning in there. Ellen’s daughter Jo appears, possessed by a demon. Rufus show up next, also possessed. He captures Sam, while Ellen runs back to the church for help.

Sam wakes up tied to a chair. Rufus, with eyes black, begins hitting Sam. He says Sam is evil and pours salt into Sam’s mouth. Obviously, things are not what they appear. Both Rufus and Jo appear surprised that the salt isn’t hurting Sam.

Back at the church, Ellen tells Dean that these demons are different. They called Ellen a “black-eyed *****,” as if she was a demon. A priest is with them and says that before the demons attacked the town, the local river suddenly ran polluted. Also, a huge shooting star appeared the night before the infestation. Dean thinks all of this is related…

The third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven,
burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of waters.
The name of the star is called Wormwood;
and a third of the waters became wormwood,
and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

– Revelation 8:10–11

This is the beginning of the end. This quote from Revelation deals with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, specifically War, who rides a red horse. Does the red Mustang they saw outside belong to War? “That’s the way I’d roll,” says Dean.

Good God Y'all Full Recap - Supernatural WikiGood God Y'all Full Recap - Supernatural WikiGood God Y'all Full Recap - Supernatural Wiki

Back to Sam, who is still tied up and now talking to a man in a suit. This guy is War, and he has been causing everyone to have hallucinations. It turns out that there are no demons in town at all! This is why Rufus and Jo think Sam is a demon and why they appear to have black eyes to Sam.

EllenWar then appears back at the church, telling Dean and the townsfolk that he saw demons and knows where they are. Dean tells everyone to calm down, as he has already figured out that there aren’t really any demons in town. Everyone is getting upset anyway, though. They are ready to head out and kick some demon ass. Since Dean is protesting, War makes the other people in the room think Dean and Ellen are demons. Everyone starts shooting as Dean and Ellen run out.

Back at Rufus’ location, he is preparing for a battle for the coming “demons.” Dean and Ellen show up and manage to convince Rufus and Jo that everything is just an illusion. However, the townsfolk arrive, still convinced they are fighting demons. Luckily, Sam and Dean manage to cut a magical ring off War’s hand (naturally!), which stops all of the hallucinations. Then, both War and his red Mustang disappear.

After everything is over, Sam and Dean have a heart-to-heart about their trust issue. Sam says he doesn’t trust himself, either. He says he misses the feeling he got from the demon blood and that he’s in no shape to be hunting right now. Dean agrees and they decide to go their separate ways. Dean says he can’t be worrying about Sam all the time when so much is at stake.

The episode ends with Sam grabbing his bag, walking off and catching a ride from someone else. (The sad Incredible Hulk theme would have been perfect here.)

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